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  1. Best of luck to the boys! Hulman is an excellent school. Hope they got a REALLY good academic scholly to go there! It costs more than one or two pesos a year to go there.
  2. Congrats to the kid! May he do well in the classroom as well as on the field! Lindsey Wilson has certainly started from nothing in the beginning just a few years ago, built a nice facility and now are poised to compete for national championships. The VERY best part about it is the fact that they are using mostly KENTUCKY kids. Look at the rosters for Pikeville, Union and especially Cumberlands. A lot of out of state kids. Best of luck to Lindsey Wilson!
  3. I've wondered before if they would have had much of an impact, if any, on Mark Scenters 2011 Semi final team. Garrard County lost by 7 points to Belfry in Lancaster and a 3A state championship bid that year. That would have been the elder Lake boy's senior year and he was recognized All State offensive line that year. I live in the area where Rockcastle, Madison and Garrard come together and know the boys and Mark Scenters as well. I attended the first game for Garrard that year when they played against Clay County. Four overtimes I think and Garrard squeaked it out. Clay had that big Hyde boy that went on to play at UK playing for them in the middle at linebacker. He should have been the noseguard. I was really impressed with Markell Hayes play for Garrard and Billy Abney was coming on for Garrard about then.
  4. They have family that works in Mt. Vernon. Bus ride to Lancaster vs. riding with family to work in Mt. Vernon and same distance drive. I'd take the car ride myself. They attended Rockcastle from kindergarten to graduation.
  5. Here is a story about two former Rockcastle boys that appeared in the Washington University in St. Louis "Student Life" newspaper. It gets a little "hinky" in parts, but, I guess that was the take on the interview by a city kid. Enjoy Tackles, cows and hero worship: The football lives of brothers Ben and Jared Lake | Student Life
  6. I'm familiar with both schools...Rockcastle and Berea. I've not heard yet about why he is leaving his coaching position at Berea. His kids have always attended Rockcastle as far as I know. He lives between the two districts and he has Rockcastle roots. I know he was an AP U.S. History teacher at Rockcastle when my oldest son took his class in 2011/12 and then he went to coach at Berea the next year which was the fall of 2012. His wife was a vice principal at the time and she moved into the Berea School Administration building that fall. He's a good guy and a better (tough) history teacher and his wife is a stand-up person as well. I've also not heard anything about him taking an assistant coaching job at Rockcastle yet, but, I've read in the Mt. Vernon paper this past week about where an assistant football coach resigned in the Rockcastle school board minutes.
  7. Camp Dates: June 7th and 8th June 26th and 27th Washington University in St. Louis is an NCAA DIII school that is ranked 14th in the nation academically. It ranks higher academically than some Ivy League schools and has nationally renowned medical and business schools. National University Rankings | Top National Universities | US News Best Colleges | page 2 Other professional schools include engineering, architecture and law schools where a kid seeking a professional degree can complete their bachelor degree in four years rather than taking the 3+2 year path that usually turns into 5 and 1/2 years if they want to play football during their senior years. A 26 to a 28 ACT score for a kid entering their senior year of high school will usually indicate they have a decent chance of getting into Washington University and generous academic scholarships are available if a student is accepted. The school is located less than five and one half hours drive from Lexington, KY which allows family to leave early in the morning from home here in Kentucky to attend games on the same day. Excellent school, very tough to get through academically,but, the rewards can be huge for a graduate of this Ivy League level school. Current head coach Larry Kindbom is 160-101 in his 26th year at Washington University in St. Louis. washufootball WUSTL Athletics
  8. Patrick Burton OL Warren East to attend Washington University in St. Louis
  9. The first question after "How are you doing today?" from about any coach we met during my son's recruting was "What's his GPA?" closely followed by "What's his test scores?". They would smile big when we told them 4.0 unweighted. I totally agree with the person who said a kid should go to a junior college, prove themselves and then look for a bigger stage.
  10. The school my boys go to, Washington University, actually costs around $63,000 a year for tuition, double room, board and fees. My kids get between $50K and $60K in academic scholarship money apiece. I give them each $5K a year and that is what I told them we could afford to pay for each of them wherever they went to. They make up the rest in student loans. My oldest could have went to U of Kentucky (no football) and it would have cost him about $3-$5K a year which means with my part, he would have attended free. This was due to the fact he and his brother both were Governors Scholars and had the good ACT scores. BE VERY CAREFUL when it comes to the academic scholarships offered by the state universities. There are usually strings attached and the biggest string is the fact he would have had to carry at least a 3.7 or 3.8 GPA...somewhere in that neighborhood for the entire four years. If you get below that GPA ONE time, you lose all of the scholarship money offered by UK and you can't get it back even if you get your GPA back above the line. Just the stress of that would stink. They will both graduate with about $19K in student loans. One with a degree in mechanical engineering and one with a degree in chemical engineering. Centre College, by the way, does cost around $40K to $45K a year for room, board and fees. They offered my oldest son around $28K to $30 a year in academic scholarship money for an initial offer. The coaches claimed that was about the best scholarship offered to any of the football players.
  11. Washington University Football Website WUSTL Athletics
  12. I've got two boys playing DIII football. Both are overachievers in academics. We did the rounds with the Ivy League schools and visited 6 of the eight Ivies. The oldest was valedictorian of his class and scored a 33 ACT while the youngest was salutatorian and scored a 30 ACT. Both were recruited locally...both made All State lists. The 3+2 engineering programs is a fine fit for some kids, but, my sons both decided they wanted a four year time frame to get their bachelors degree in engineering. It takes 5 and half years to get a degree through the 3+2 programs unless a kid wants to forgo his senior year of football in college. KEES money is available for four years and can tighten things up after four years unless there are other scholarships in the wings. The oldest was offered for football by EKU and he actually passed on an official visit to Dartmouth after he decided he didn't care for the coaches there and the smooth talk. Being sixteen hours away didn't hurt his decision either. If your kid wants to go into engineering....wants to get a degree in four years at an excellent school and he is a bit undersized, I suggest trying DIII schools like Washington University in St. Louis (where my boys went), Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland or Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh or like one fellow said above, Rose Hulman Institue of Technology. These schools offer a super education, (tough, tough, tough challenge academically) and he might get a scholly academically that covers the needs that you have financially. Washington U. came up with the best package for my sons and were very approachable when it came to financial aid and needs. We requested more aid after the initial offer and after presenting our case both of our son's are getting an excellent financial aid package that together runs in the six figure range annually. Seems they like hard hitting Kentucky hillbillies in St. Louis. DIII coaches also don't blow the smoke (No offense Chief Smoke) and feed you the bologna diet that DI, DII and NAIA coaches are prone to do. They usually shoot straight and are more down to earth than the higher divisions. Washington University in St. Louis also happens to have a higher ranking academically (#14 nationally) than Brown (#15) and Cornell(#16) which are both Ivy League schools. It is a six hour drive for us to attend ball games, mostly on the flat parts of Indiana and Illinois which is easy driving. We can leave home 30 minutes south of Lexington at 6am and be there well before the 12 or 1pm Central time kickoff. As for the question about whether a kid can do the engineering program and still play football...it can be and is done all the time. We had the same question and were worried when our oldest boy went off to play and attend. He has a 3.65 GPA as a junior and was first team all conference this past season on the offensive line for Washington U. while pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. I just want to wish you the very best of luck to you and your son on his future. Enjoy this recruting process, cull the bologna and get your son to take the ACT several times for his best chance of getting into a good school. I miss my boys dearly, but, they are attending a school that has already garnered my oldest son several job and internship offers. Football actually opened the door to a few of them at Washington U. because you'd be suprised at how many CEO's, plant managers and company owners that played football and appreciate the well rounded kid who is smart AND athletic.
  13. I see an Estill County team in that list that did quite well this past season losing out to a very good Russell team this past season. I believe the coach's name was Jones. I wouldn't throw the keys to the district hardware cabinet to this Chapman just yet. Gotta earn those. Bell and Corbin are going to be pretty tough kitties and puppies to handle in that region as well.
  14. Think I'm going to bed. Here is the link for the radio broadcast. http://www.christiannetcast.com/listen/player.asp?station=wrvk-am 4:45am comes early and I work tommorow.
  15. Rock punts. MadSo. ball. Harris scores on rushing TD. About 50 yards or so. Score now 24-7 MadSo. at the half.
  16. Rock ball on the 26 yard line. Illegal substitution. 5 yard gain is now 15 yard penalty. 3 major penalties for Rockcastle now have put them in holes.
  17. Rock QB sacked. Mad. So. goes to wildcat formation. Harris hit for loss. 2:00 minutes left Harris 75 yard TD around the end. Mad So. 16 Rock 7
  18. Rockcastle TO with 2 minutes left. Rock is 4th and 4 on the MadSo. 14. Score still 10-7. 31 Rockcastle plays to 11 MadSo. Plays to this point Kid jumps offsides for Rockcastle...now 4th and 9
  19. Rockcastle's sophomore running back is 5'6" and 132lbs. Ball moved out to the 50 yard line.
  20. Rock holds in the red zone. MadSo goes up with the field goal. 10-7 MadSo. Harris touched the ball twice on that drive for three yard gain and a three yard loss. Rock starts from their own 26.
  21. Botched punt. MadSo ball near the Rock 40. Harris fumbles and ball back to the 44. QB covers
  22. Rock with illegal block. Now 3rd and long going into the second quarter. 3rd and 22 Now 4th and 22 on botched screen. Rock punting
  23. TD MadSo. Dean with the 26 yd. TD reception. Harris touched the ball one time for a yard. 65 yard drive. 7 -7 Score
  24. TO Rockcastle 2:39 left in the 1st MadSo. moving the ball through the air.
  25. Rockcastle 7 MadSo. 0 7 or so minutes left in the first quarter. 85 yard drive. 2 yard rush Ansardi
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