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  1. I wish I could answer the big question of why they let him go. No word from anyone in the community or school. He will get another opportunity somewhere, good guy and has a big heart.
  2. Considering WV has won the district 7x times in a row, Coach Simmons I believe knew this wasn’t going to be a good matchup in a rebuilding program. Carroll was a thumping but a long-standing rivalry between the two which is why they were on the schedule. Believe Trimble’s last win vs WV was 2008 or 09 and Simmons was on that WV staff. No one faulted him for the schedule, he believed in his kids and and was preparing them for a future opportunity. Believe given another year he could challenge for a playoff spot but we are talking about 3-5 years before they could actually take a shot at WV. Correct me if I am wrong, Browning at Gallatin is the only coach in the district, whose left, to beat WV?
  3. Shawnee game was a good game for the Raiders, watched the live stream of the second half, really pounded the ball up the middle and saw glimpses that we were improving from their JV season. Gallatin was a game where we got to see an explosive JT Wilcoxson take over the offense and really elevated their play. Pass coverage that night was horrible and think they scored on same play 3 times, along with a blocked punt recovered in the endzone. The future looked bright that night for Raiders. Owen was just a downfall of a night. Think the Raiders ended up at their 4th or 5th string QB because of injuries. Definitely showed their resilence to finish and put up 14 with backup QB. Carroll was just miserable to watch, started out great with a 60 yard gain on a dump pass then Carroll got aggressive and ball game went south. Definitely added a sour note when former Head Coach of the Raiders was just laying it on them in the second half. Numbers and talent played a huge factor, but Carroll never took out starters. Overall not a bad season being in their second year but was definitely discouraged watching the final two games. Hoping whoever takes over the program can help the Raiders beat some district rivals, last win against the the other 3 (not Shawnee) was the 2014 Season against Owen.
  4. Trimble Co. posted the job today. Unknown why the school chose to go in a different direction, completely rebuilding after the program shutdown two years ago. They were 1-7 last year.
  5. What about the players that use dead period as an opportunity to attend college camps, combines as well as college visits to University's they may want to attend. Most colleges that I have seen send their players home for the month of May and start either voluntary or mandatory workouts the first week in June. I would be all for KHSAA giving high school athletes the month of June off, only for it to allow them the opportunity to expand their recruiting profile and visit different colleges that they may want to attend. Giving athletes a chance to look beyond high school is a much needed opportunity, so that if they do get the chance to play at the next level they have already been accepted and not waiting after they sign to get financial aid. Also, I think if we are just going to take the district champs then there just needs to be one playoff bracket not six.
  6. Is this a good event to send someone to, read several high schools would be there such as Trinity, Montgomery County, Pulaski, Scott County, Bryan Station and Mason County. A dad approached me about kid attending this event, and just wanted to know its legitimacy.
  7. Job is no longer posted on the KHSAA website, but the Athletic Director job is still posted.
  8. TC has done this transition before, Coach Blair was the Middle School Head Coach for one season and was hired as the interim Head Coach of High School because Collins resigned so late. Isley does have more experience under his belt. And like @OLinePride said he knows most of the players on this team. Interested to see what offense and defense he installs with his current personal. I think he can gain some community support and parents. Really, the only issue I see is keeping players eligible and attending practice. Coach Franklin spoke many times of how much it hurt his preparation this past fall when he got the email saying certain players were ineligible or they didn't attend practice(non school related activities). Also True blue (and gold) thank you for the correction on Chism, was unsure how long he was in charge.
  9. From a confirmed source, Mike Isley has been named the new Head Coach of Trimble County. He served as assistant Coach under Chris Collins at the High School (4-17)career at TC) in 2010 and then went to the middle school level to become the Head Coach 2013-15. He will be the 6th Head Coach at Trimble County in the past 10 years. (Poynter 2005-08(21-23), Chism Dec-May 2009, Collins 09-10 (4-17), William Blair 2011(2-8), Justin Franklin 2012-15(4-37). What are sum of your thoughts on this decision by the school?
  10. Mike Isley has been named the next head coach of Trimble County
  11. He was told they were releasing him to hire football coach within that position. Mike Isley is main guy I keep hearing is the next football coach. One rumor that Blair might come back, but unlikely
  12. Got word Trimble got a waiver for the position. Main Candiate I have heard has been Mike Isley who was the middle school head coach. TC may try and turn it over to him because of his recent success at the middle school level. Reason Franklin is leaving is because the school is cutting positions and word is that four other teachers are going with him. Coach Franklin went 4-37 in his career as a head coach at TC featuring a playoff a berth in the 2014 campaign where he also accumulated 3 of his wins. Other accolades that he has accomplished is sending 3 players to play college football, 2 at Hanover and 1 at Georgetown College. Coach Franklin was also able to increase the participation rate in the team after his first season and build a weight lifting program system within the team. Finally, Coach Franklin gained community support from within the county and got people involved in donating to the program that has been floating along on a small athletic budget. I have had several conversations with Coach Franklin and the man wanted to build Trimble County football into a force to be reckoned with; however, the coach encountered a lot of problems. Support from the administration, funding, academic eligibility, cycle of assistant coaches, parental support, and support from middle and youth league programs. Being the main focal points. Trimble County football is a small program, and not a top choice for many young coaches. Although, Coach Franklin handled this challenge the best he could with staff and players he had at his disposal. He inherited a huge sophomore class from Coach Blair(been with that class since 7th grade) and had the challenge of winning over support. He struggled at times having possibly the worst defense his first two seasons, and offense that could not move the ball. His first season presented a challenge of replacing Kyle Sparks after he was injured the first play against Berea. A player that contributed to 72% of the 2011 offensive production. The team also shuffled around their offensive line a lot and showed very little consistency. In his second season on offense he had trouble sticking with a QB as Tevin Taylor and TJ Payton both battled for the starting job each week. Same issues occurred with the offense of line, never really seeing the same line. In the first two seasons, they scored less than 100 points. Finally, in his third year we see a huge outburst from this team on offense of side of the ball, and only replacing one position being Right Tackle tilled they moved Cade Thornsberry out there in week 4. The offense scored over 200 points. Eventually losing to NCC. In his final year, offense replaced 9 starters(huge for TC) and only scored 96, however they did incorporate more of a pass game and they have a couple young promising stars. Once again offense line problems. Side note the offense line coach was his father, years 1,2&4 and year 3 was Christ Yates. Big difference. Defensely Coach Franklin, did not take over his defense till year 3. His father was defense coordinater giving up 792 points, running 4-4 base defense with little change unless teams ran a 2x2 or 2x3. In year 3 implemented the 52 monster defense and the team only gave up 338, but if you take away the NCC game they gave up 295 in regular season play. He applied a lot of pressure, and tried different combinations. In his final season coach Franklin had to replace 8 starters, and was forced to move into 53 because their run defense was struggling. They 439 points, a 100 point increase. I am a supporter of Coach Justin Franklin, I believe he will do great things. I also believe Trimble County made a mistake in letting him go, he deserved one more year after losing 13 seniors who kept the program alive. Good Luck to the man. I support my Raiders, even though I moved away from the county. Area of improvement: Make the youth league and middle school run the same offense and defense as high school, build a unified program. Simplify but apply the same concepts.
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