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  1. I think those are the most redundant penalties like taking the Heisman from Reggie bush. Who cares, he was still the best player that year, That team still went that far and vacating the official title to me means nothing. Now banning a team from the tourney when they have a chance to make noise, now that is a punishment.
  2. I always liked this field too, it is insane the disparity between the right field distance, and the left field distance. I know lefties salivate going there for 3/4 at bats.
  3. That may be true, but trouble is trouble. Yes two different situations, but all I'm saying is Cal wouldn't be investigated any more or less than any other big coach because he already has, and mostly nothing has come from it. For Pitino, he is fighting so hard because I am sure he had no idea. I'm sure he assigned a coach or two to monitor kids and stayed far from it, he has been around too long to get caught up in the behind the scenes recruiting/treatment the players get.
  4. You're holding the fort down because when your higher ranking officer leaves, you're now in charge incase of an attack. I used that phrase all the time.
  5. Cal has had rumors of trouble everywhere he has gone and he still hasn't gotten in trouble, he always finds a way to stay clean. IMO, most of the time when there is some type of rumor swirling, it had to come from something, but he just gets better and better jobs.
  6. I agree with you 100%, but how many times do players bolt with just a hint of interest from any team. That is my biggest peeve with young guys leaving in todays game, so many end up in the D league and if they would of just stayed a year or two longer they could of turned into 1st rounders.
  7. The Media loves Caleb Swanigans(?) story too much for it to be over, Purdue takes it on a couple of botched calls.
  8. From what it was, to what it is now, that place is top notch man, I cannot wait to watch a few there this year.
  9. I do agree Cal is a top notch coach and is easily in my Top 5 college ball coaches, but with this list you are taking away quite a few great tourney runs from Coach K, Pitino, Calhoun, and a couple of more to name. Even so, since going to UK he has been the most dominating in the tournament for the most part.
  10. This is exactly how you can measure the greatest of Coach K and DUKE since he has been there.. When everyone is so happy to see them lose and, they try their hardest to come up with reasons they aren't that good i.e.( Billy and Patriots )
  11. I have a 1996 Honda Nighthawk CB 750, I am actually tuning her up right now and doing a little maintenance work before its time to ride full time
  12. Now they let him play 1v1 with Marcellus Wiley on Sportsnation on like a 7 foot rim. This guy is eating this publicity up.
  13. That is a great point, but I meant fans of Duke, Kansas, UCLA, etc. if you're a fan of any of the teams seeded 1-5 (5 might be a stretch) you are always thinking your team has a chance depending on circumstances, but I do understand better what you are saying. I wonder if some people think in their minds like yea I think I might have just submitted the perfect bracket, because I have filled out at least 10, and every time I think like ehhhhh on at least a few match ups.
  14. As other fans have an easier time filling them out? Let's remember there has never been a perfect bracket.
  15. They finished fifth behind 3/4 teams that many people have in their final fours, that is a huge difference than finishing fifth in any other conference, They had more drama as well negative things happen to them this year that most teams see in multiple seasons. Also the gauntlet they just ran is historically great so I think validating any jump in seeds is perfectly normal for the circumstances.
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