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  1. Allen could be a special player, especially if he continues to shoot like he did last night.
  2. Dontaie Allen couldn't miss. Everything he threw up from anywhere seemed to go in. Dayton did their best to make a game out of it, but obviously had no answer for him. On a positive note for Dayton, Adrian Hall had a nice game and Buddy Lukens had 12 points in the loss.
  3. The Devils get their first win of the season and their first win over Ludlow in recent memory. Also, congratulations to Coach Volpenhein on career win number 1. It was a hard fought game by both teams with a number of lead changes. Don't have the stats available but Adrian Hall for Dayton led all scorers with 17. Blackburn was the likely high scorer for Ludlow.
  4. Newport has some nice players and had a little more depth than dayton. They appeared to be well coached. Despite an 0-2 start, I think this Dayton team will improve and a have decent season. They will need more production from their guards, they missed badly on several open 3s. I think Garcia ended up with about 30 of the devils 44 points.
  5. trevor, chris and maverick, respectively. trevor is a senior, other 2 are juniors.
  6. No Draven Garcia for Dayton, who is probably their best player. Just saying.
  7. 14 6 kcd at half. Best I have seen dayton play in 4 years. Hope they don't run out of gas.
  8. Some very hard hitting in that game. It hurts, but we fought hard.
  9. Will be a close game. Would love to see Dayton get the paddle back. Dayton's problem here in the last few games has been not being able to tackle. Carl Matthews, one of the better defensive players in the area, is out for the season. That has hurt tremendously, as he was the heart and soul of the defense. I did hear Bellevue will be without one of their better defensive players, so maybe that will even it out. Can't confirm that, though.
  10. 20 14 ludlow with 644 left in half. Dayton running well. Eads and 24 for ludlow both having big games so far.
  11. Tied at 6. End of 1 quarter. No Blackburn. That hurts for the panthers.
  12. Having seen both, I give slight edge to Brossart. Solid O line will give Keller time to find open recievers. Bracken definitely has the better running game. I actually like the other back over Parker, although that kid can fly. However, Brossart's defense will present a challenge. Jake Martin is legit.
  13. Eminence 14 to 8 at half. Eminence has a couple of really good backs. Dayton scored late in the half on a nickels td pass. Devils have a shot. Will update accordingly.
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