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  1. I don't think they'll be fighting for 4th after winning the district last year, but definitely agree about the line play. That was their weakness all last season on both sides of the ball. You're exactly right that they all stand straight up as soon as the ball is snapped. It really showed when they played Ashland and all of Ashland's linemen fired off low and just whipped them. They also need to get their linemen in shape, they were in terrible shape last year. They could have a pretty darn good team if they can fix these areas.
  2. That's why they play'em. Who will East throw tonight against the Lions?
  3. Should be a good game, but Boyd is on a roll and playing really well. Have their ace Moore saved and ready. I'll take the Lions 6-3.
  4. Nice win for Boyd and great effort by the Rams, they just ran into a team that's rolling right now. I was really impressed with the toughness of Raceland's catcher, he took a lick and stayed in the game. Love to see that out of kids.
  5. I agree, I think East can give them a game. I predict Greenup will pull it off but think it will be a tough test for them.
  6. If it was to right center, including that high fence it was a nice shot.
  7. I had already left by the time he hit it, bit it depends where it went out. In right field It's pretty short, I'd guess 280 or less, but it slopes out toward center and if he put it out over right center then it was a pretty nice tater knob.
  8. This is especially valuable if you end up like they have in the 16th now with the rain changing the schedule and giving the top bracket winners a day's rest, which mean't they could actually have thrown a kid 3-5 innings and with the day off bring them back again for a couple of innings. A lot of it depends on how deep your staff is, when you play, and your draw.
  9. My mistake, I think Arthur is throwing, which is good for Boyd as well. When he's on his game he's almost unhittable.
  10. Boyd counters with Moore who has been pitching lights out.
  11. Was glad to see the Rams get the victory, class act coach.
  12. I think Boyd County is pitching their #2, Arthur against the Rams. He's had a pulled muscle behind his shoulder, but if he's on his game like he was against Rockcastle and Greenup he'll be tough on Raceland.
  13. I wouldn't punch those tickets for Lexington just yet Doc. I think you're underestimating a Boyd team that just waltzed through their district including a shelling of Ashland. Plus Boyd did have Greenup down 5-1 going into the 7th, at Greenup without their #1 on the mound. Just sayin'...:idunno:
  14. That looks pretty right to me. I think Estill has to throw Freeman in the second round to win and that hurts them for the championship. If they can save him, then I like the Engineers.
  15. I would disagree, Raceland is probably the best team of the 4 district losers and if they do win that one then they play a Boyd team that is playing maybe the best ball in the region right now. It's a great draw for Boyd County in that they won't face Greenup until the championship and can save Moore to throw against them and probably use Arthur against the winner of Raceland/Fleming. I would guess Tengowski or Pauley in the opener will go for Boyd County. I like this draw for the Lions. :popcorn:
  16. Estill is still a quality team with an all state caliber player. So yes it was a good win regardless. What do you not follow? As for depth, I could be wrong but I thought the Singleton kid was their #2.
  17. Good win but I don't think either of those kids are among Estill's top 3 starters. Pitching depth has hurt the Engineers all season.
  18. Would love to see Boyd get another shot at Greenup. If Arthur isn't pulled in the 7th I think this one would have belonged to the Lions. In my humble opinion.
  19. Final from Greenup County. Boyd led 5-1 going into the top of the 7th. Lions wasted a strong pitching performance by Arthur who ended up with a no decision.
  20. Pretty good facilities and Jones has established a good foundation. Would be a nice job to step into. Feeder program is solid as well. Although they really need to upgrade the visiting side bleachers.
  21. I didn't realize Estill had a new coach, who is it? What happened to Jones?
  22. So they're patient hitters who work the pitchers. Sign of a solid well coached team.
  23. GRC was I think 9-3 going into that game, not sure why everyone is so reluctant to admit Bourbon has a pretty good team this year. Not saying they are better than Harrison, but they evidently are solid.
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