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  1. Any reason why Marshall is only giving 3 at home? That seems too good.
  2. Games I like tomorrow... Northern Illinois Florida State UCLA Marshall UTEP Akron Here's a "fun stat" pick....Eastern Michigan +44 vs. LSU. If you had bet AGAINST every Top 12 team this year when they play a team NOT in the Top 20, you would be 28-10, including 15-3 in the last two weeks. Vegas over-values the top teams, especially when playing "lower level" opponents.
  3. If Memphis stays at 7 or less, they look good tonight.
  4. How about the Baylor and Texas Tech total? An all-time record 88!
  5. Saturday: Missouri UL-Monroe Wisconsin Virginia Tech Louisiana Tech
  6. Assuming the first BOLD part to Clyde means you disagree with him, the second BOLD part would be false, and the third BOLD part would be why Clyde was right in the first place.
  7. So....it's a criminal act but you have no idea what the act was; the "criminal act" should not be punished if they would just apologize; and what you hear is "strictly thru the grapevine"....got it...
  8. I don't think it happens that much. First, that's why they have a lottery, the worst team rarely gets the #1 pick. Second, I think it's very difficult for a team that's 15-62 to get up for their last 5 games of the year. More human nature than tanking, although I have no idea what the 76ers are doing right now.
  9. One coach receives a two-game suspension to start next season. Likely, the other principle will follow suit. Ridiculous. A follow up article: Here?s why two Tennessee girls? basketball teams both tried to lose - The Washington Post This part is unbelievable: It was tanking that would make even the NBA’s most lottery-hungry teams blush. Smyrna Coach Shawn Middleton pulled his starters early in the game, and Riverdale Coach Cory Barrett followed suit. There was slow play, intentionally missed free throws and balls thrown away on purpose. And it went beyond the players simply following orders, as they were active participants in all of it. The referee said that one Riverdale player gave him the three-second signal, demanding that she be called for the violation, and that one Smyrna player purposely tried to score in the wrong basket, only to be thwarted when she was whistled for a 10-second violation.
  10. Did you guys that are ok with it watch the videos? You're ok with THAT? I disagree with the professional sports comparisons. They are doing it to look out for their players. The Spurs are not tanking by resting players on the 2nd game of back-to-backs. The NFL does it when they have clinched playoff spots. Besides, I think it's a horrible message to send to high school athletes.
  11. I lost all respect for Lance. I was listening to him on the day that the "Lance is Weasel" thread was started on here years ago (maybe someone could dig that up). I didn't think he was very good before that but now I don't even listen to him for a second. Broo is horrible. Mo is the best in town, by far. As far as announcers, I agree with a lot of you. Marty is heading down hill but I still like him. Hoard just won "Ohio Broadcaster of the Year" if I'm not mistaken--he's really good. You can't call a guy a homer when he is being paid by a team to broadcast their games. He's doing the BENGALS broadcast, not the NFL's, not the other team's, not CBS's. Lap is a joke. The Cowboy is getting better every year. Jim Kelsch is terrible on basketball. Not sure who he works with but the NKU radio broadcasts are unbelievably bad.
  12. I bet Les wishes the refs wouldn't have blown the call. It was a great call, was wide open, a slight stumble made it a close call, and the officials blew it.
  13. This is like the parent who scolds their child and grounds them for a week but then you see the kid playing outside the next day.
  14. I got UK at -5 Saturday. Loved that! My pick of the bowl season from the time they became bowl eligible going on right now....Arkansas!
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