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  1. EF- Okay ! I will call you crazy ! You are waaaay off base here.... your wife might work with somebody's wife, but you are totally off base and WRONG in the direction your taking this post.
  2. His experience, dedication to the school and the program, he practically provides all financial support needed to run his program thru his own fund raising and a coach that actually demands respect on and off the court while actually teaching the game and being successful at it. And most importantly wants to be there and will stay. Oh well another decision that leaves me guessing......... :confused: Oh and by the way word on the street is the JV Boys coach from last year got hired - great guy I do wish him the best maybe he'll bring back Coach Menefee. Wouldn't that be the icing on the cake!! Cake - get it, LOL :laugh:
  3. some great pics. Nick Benge can still jump as high as he did in High School, about 6''
  4. I agree with that I don't know how many clean blocks they had, and no body, and still got called for a foul, like 3 times on Hightchew alone
  5. wasn't so from my seat. Hightchew flopped what 3 times on a shot that was blocked and got the call. The Geisler travel in O.T.. what was the total fouls per team? I'm guessing it was pretty lopsided until NC had to foul. and by the way I was a neutral fan. Just what I saw.
  6. I would replace Pike. He didn't anything in the 1st gm. against Highlands. foul trouble. He did have a very good gm. against Boone. and just a so so gm today. Stanberry had 3 good gms. and was a major part in todays win.
  7. I saw it to, it was terrible. this was the same older ref that did the Championship gm. and once again he did not have a good day. terrible actually.
  8. and that may have been all it was. but when the boy is wide open and going up for a shot only a few feet away from him, it just didnt look right. and maybe why the ref said something to him.
  9. Hightchew had a great game, and if it wasn't for his play in the 3quarter I beleive the game may have been a blowout
  10. Did you also notice the coach for NC would jump and yell as a Dixie boy got a clear look for a 3 by their bench. 3 times in the 1st half he did that. Ref said something to him after the 3rd time.
  11. I think I Hightchew was quiet in the last 2 o.t. because Pike was out and there was no one on the floor to stop Geisler.
  12. I didnt have ties to any team this week and saw all of the boys games. The one older ref today was terrible, each gm he reffed. not sure what night it was but he called fouls and was giving scores table wrong #, he did that like 3 times in 1 gm. it was in the Holmes gm. Thurs.
  13. Hoffman, Fogelman brothers, Slater & Ackerson. Norman comes off the bench. Still trying to understand that philosophy
  14. If Bellevue is on top of their game and they continue to play as a team I'm going with the Black & Gold !!!
  15. Congrats to the Tigers on a good start to the season!!
  16. What does Bellevue need to do to improve in 2010/2011? What do they need to keep doing to be sucessful? Remember, please be constructive.
  17. Can we get a poll added to this one? I'll take the Tigers in a very close game 13-12
  18. My vote is the 2nd oldest in the state and the rivalry with the most games played in the state. The Bellevue v. Dayton rivalry is amazing if you have never been to one. By the way the Bellevue/Dayton rivalry ranks in the "Top 10" in the country of game played. Don't hold me to it by I think it ranks at #6 or 7.
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