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  1. You typically don't start the season with one of your biggest rivalry games. IMHO
  2. Great post my crosstown friend! You are spot on. I wish this was a Thanksgiving day game. McCracken does start slow.
  3. I see a lot of folks picking McCracken. I am leaning towards my Mustangs. However, Tilghman football always seems to play one of its best games against McCracken. Even more so than against Mayfield. There, I said it! Tilghman fans are loath to admit it. They are known to say that Tilghman v. McCracken "isn't even a rivalry"! I'm not buying that. There are years where PT beats McCracken, yet the Mustangs take down Mayfield. PT/McCracken has been much more competitive of late than PT/Mayfield. I never count out the Tornado against MCHS in football.
  4. I say McCracken, but always a tough call. Wish both teams had a few more games under their belt before they play this one.
  5. PT and Mayfield will be tough games, but winnable. Bowling Green will always be a huge challenge. Who will be their main competition in District 1?
  6. Perhaps their biggest challenge will getting past Tilghman in district and region. Two of the best teams in the state.
  7. Tilghman should be in top ten, says this McCracken fan!
  8. Once again this year, Tilghman is one of the best, if not the best, teams my Mustangs will play. Both are teams that could beat anyone in the state on a given day. It is tragic that they are in the same district, much less the same region!
  9. McCracken County's relatively new gym has already hosted numerous district and regional champions. 3300 capacity.
  10. They lost to some top teams over the weekend in very close games a long way from home. I think they will be fine.
  11. Mustangs scored 3 runs in the 4th inning to invoke mercy rule. Nice start for McCracken.
  12. I did pick McCracken over Bullitt, but I fell in line with the Oldham trainwreck. At least I had Oldham losing in the second round.
  13. This is a balanced team with good senior leadership. They are capable of making some more noise!!
  14. Bowling Green beat my McCracken Mustangs comfortably. McCracken beat UH in two close contests. Got to go with the Purples in this one.
  15. There might be some McCracken seniors who went to Rupp as freshmen, but last year's champs obviously didn't get to go. This could be one of the better 1st round games.
  16. Great article and helped edify me here in the western hinterlands. Thanks guru!
  17. McCracken played Ballard tough for most of their game. Don't know much about Bullitt, but looking at records, RPI, etc.., I think the Mustangs have a decent shot here. McCracken's defense is strong! Give me the Mustangs by 8.
  18. Report post Posted 3 hours ago First Round winners 1 Elizabethtown 1 Oldham County 1 Ballard 1 Bowling Green 1 Boyle County 1 Ashland Blazer 1 McCracken County 1 Highlands Second Round winners
  19. I think that's McCracken's 4th championship in their 8 year existence. I believe they've been to the finals 7 of those eight years.
  20. Well said DragonFire, but given Harmon's game against Graves, lots of folks were picking the Marshalls to finally break through against McCracken. The Mustangs have had a lot of defensive success against Region 1 scorers such as Zion and Eli Brown from Tilghman.
  21. The commentators I listened to on the radio said Graves didn't double team Harmon as much as they might until the third quarter.
  22. Mustangs win big. Defense was suffocating! Fulton is the team that upset Graves a few weeks back. Mustangs are looking strong. Big tests to come!
  23. I think Marshall and Graves play first round in the regionals. Winner gets to play McCracken barring a major upset by Fulton.
  24. Mustangs have had the Tornado's number the last few years. Thought this game would be closer. Brown has had two marginal games against McCracken this year. As a Mustang fan, I would hate to play PTHS a third time in the regionals. Tough to beat a good team three times in one season.
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