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  1. I’m shocked. I’m also terribly wrong on my prediction. Can Tilghman give McCracken a good game in a couple of weeks?
  2. Great post Purple 88! Your comment about the Murray Tigers could apply most every year. The win and lose when you expect them to.
  3. Both teams are strong defending the rush. McCracken hasn’t faced this strong a team this season. The Mustangs are use to putting up a lot of points. If Hunter Bradley has a good game, the Mustangs have a real shot.
  4. I expected better from Graves’ defense. They held Mayfield and Tilghman to a lot fewer points.
  5. I’m picking Tilghman to break Mayfield’s streak this year.
  6. Let’s get it started. Great matchup! I’d rather have Bowling Green playing in Paducah. Also nervous about the Purples coming off a loss.
  7. The O line must have had a good game if they controlled Murray’s star defensive lineman.
  8. Passing game seems to be coming around. Mays is a great receiver.
  9. You are a class act Purple 88. Looking forward to BG/McCracken!
  10. Mayfield might not be its typical self this year, but Caldwell seems a bit down too. Not terrible, but we’ve seen stronger teams out of both schools.
  11. How does everyone see the Mayfield/Tilghman matchup shaping up?
  12. Tilghman can give my Mustangs headaches all night, especially if they don’t take care of the ball. I will be surprised if the Tornado doesn’t break through against Mayfield this season. I am predicting the 14 season streak ends this year! On an unrelated note, Mississippi State is leading LSU. Funny old world.
  13. For a small school, Crittenden has had some fine teams over the years. Marion is a nice town and the county is truly scenic with a lot of nice folks. I had a two day civil injury trial there years ago. Jurors had a lot of good common sense, which you would expect from this community! Glad they can support a fine football program!
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