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  1. Matt Daniel will be the new head coach at Montgomery County.
  2. Jason Woodard will be the next coach. IMO
  3. Who was scheduled to be in this tournament? Thanks
  4. I was not implying that Coach Leep was unhappy at Trimble County. I just think he has done a nice job there and would be a good fit at these schools. I always appreciate your insight Mr. Buttels it is usually spot on!
  5. I think Johnny Leep at Trimble County would be a good fit at Bracken or North Oldham.
  6. I thought Coach Stobaugh did a very good job at North Oldham. That is probably one of the toughest districts in the state. South Oldham and Oldham have both been very strong over the past few years. They had some tough breaks this year with injuries and losing close games.
  7. Walton Verona would be the odds on favorite to win the 8th region. They would have the 2 Mcneils (Cooper), 2 Moeves (NCC), 2 Mcubbins (Gallatin), Burns (Bishop Brossart), and Daughtery (Simon Kenton). Not to mention the decent talent that they already have there.
  8. Yes. I agree the 96 Owen County team would throttle this years team!! That 96 team would be favored to win the entire region this year. Also I would take Gran Mefford over Devin Duvall all day.
  9. Congrats to these young men. Looks like a fine group of individuals.
  10. Cornelius Sanford and Jalen Dixie both had big games for the Warriors.
  11. I was impressed with the play of the Trimble County team tonight. Executed their offense well and had a nice defensive scheme to help corral Jalen Dixie. Other scoring for Eminence tonight: Trevor Payton 15 Shelby Armstrong 8 Cornelius Sanford 6 Jeremy Beach 6 Mitchell Golden 4
  12. What was the strategy and what adjustments were made? 2 of the very best in the business on the same bench.
  13. Is Trent Maddox still playing basketball at Berea College?
  14. Thanks for the info. A lot of good players on that list. Zach Jones was one of my all time favorites to watch.
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