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  1. Did somebody grease the football tonight? How many fumbles did we have total tonight? I think I counted 6 fumbles by Frankfort in the first half alone....
  2. The interference call was absolutely correct. I was standing at the corner of the endzone within 10 yards of the play; the Franklin County player threw the Frankfort player to the ground. It was the only call he could make.
  3. My thoughts and prayers will be with Quan and his family. I will miss seeing him; had a lot of fun watching him the last few years. He is a great running back and wish him the best at the next level....
  4. Has Dwight Tillman's injury been diagnosed? Was it his ACL? WIll he get to play this year? His presence would really help with Quan out....
  5. Too much speed by the Frankfort defense!
  6. Way to go, Quan! Looking forward to a SUCCESSFUL season of Frankfort Football!!
  7. Coach B, Thanks for the response! That is great news. I wish him well as he starts to make a decision about where he wants to go. Also, wish you and the Panthers well on the upcoming season. I am looking forward to football season at Sower Field this year!
  8. Coach Buckett, Larry Vaught reported on 5-16-09 that Quan Weaver now has an offer from UK (http://vaughtsviews.com/?p=382) . True?
  9. Coach Buckett announced in another thread that Quan Weaver of Frnakfort received an offer from Purdue.
  10. He is the real deal. He appears to be solid muscle. I hope the coaches in Lexington aren't overlooking him.
  11. Coach B, I have seen Quan's vital statistics showing him to be anywhere from 5'11" to 6'2" and from 175 lbs to 195 lbs. He looks to me to be somewhere in between. How tall is he and how much does he weigh? It doesn't really matter because of how muscular he is; he can run over or around most everybody, but I know the college coaches look at things like size.
  12. I see a huge difference in attitude between this year's Frankfort's team and last years. IMO, they are a lot tougher mentally; they BELIEVE they can win every game and they do not give up. I am picking Frankfort as the upset special in a close one.
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