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Rankings for 2-14


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I look at the wins more the losses. I want to see the top teams that you have beaten. If you have some top 20 wins, then that gets my attention. Anyone can lose to a good team. It takes a really good team to beat another good team.


I agree. Just pointing out that all of those teams lost and didn't even move in the rankings. I am trying to remember if LexCath has beaten any ranked teams. I think they beat Henry Clay earlier this year. Anybody else?


Henry Clay has some good wins and some bad losses. Are they getting credit solely for their wins? When do their losses come into play?

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Jay Johnson from Woodford County is getting better every game. I wouldn't want to play them in March if I were in the 11th. That team grew so much without him and now with him they are playing with a confidence about themselves that they can compete against anyone.
Agree 100%. Watched them in the AIT without him. Very solid without him. He's a significant factor and should continue to be more of a factor as he continues to heal.
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Sounds like Woodford could be a decent dark horse pick, but that region is brutal.


It's possible they'd have to beat three of the top 10 teams in the state in the regional tournament, isn't it?


Thanks for the info guys.

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Sorry to keep bringing this up. I do not know for sure that Holy Cross could beat teams 19 on up, but we beat BG twice in one week and unless they were missing personnel at that time, we should have that 20th spot or Dixie Heights should.
I never read these threads all year, and all I have to say is WOW! I agree with you Statman! Plus I think Clark is rated way too high, and I agree with others on Knott and LexCath. Both HC and Dixie belong near the 15th spot.
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Both times in northern Kentucky and once in overtime.


I've seen Holy Cross ... decent team, but the record is due to a fairly soft schedule. I'm not convinced they're a top-20 team.


Not buying the soft schedule bit. They've played Bowling Green twice, Mason County, Holmes, Covington Catholic, Bardstown, Brossart, Maderia (OH), Newport Catholic twice, and Boone County. That's off the top of my head. I'm confident some teams ranked in the top 20, including Bowling Green, can't match this SOS.


Bowling Green is good, as is Holy Cross. Seems like the rankings may have some bias against Ninth Region teams. This is understandable as the Ninth is somewhat down this season, but I submit that the state as a whole is somewhat down this year. There's some really good teams, but in terms of depth of quality, the state is down.


If the bias is based on the Ninth's history in the Sweet 16, I'd remind everyone that advancing in this tournament is as much about the draw as anything else.

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1. Trinity

2. Ballard

3. Scott County

4. Madison Central

5. Pleasure Ridge Park

6. Bullitt East

7. Henry Clay

8. Moore

9. Perry Central

10. Clark County

11. Jeffersontown

12. Manual

13. Butler

14. Woodford County

15. Rowan County

16. Knott Central

17. Lexington Catholic

18. Marshall County

19. Ohio County

20. Bowling Green


There is another half of the state. :D

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