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Rankings for 2-14


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No way that Oldham and Simon are not ranked, both state ratings have them both ranked. Odlham is #10 in Herald, #16 in LIT, Simon is in top 20 in both as well. Once again these rankings are based on who the team is, who the coach is etc. They mean nothing, what does matter is winning a region, you have about 3 teams in your top 15 who will do that :)

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The LIT and Cantrill do type in both teams into the computer and it factors their strength of schedule, they dont have to see them play. Players can be hurt for example, the computer has no idea who is hurt. Oldham lost by 20 in those 2 games, but were down less than 8 going into 4th quarter, and Simon has beaten Cov Cath and Clark County in the past week.

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1. Trinity

2. Ballard

3. Scott County

4. Madison Central

5. Pleasure Ridge Park

6. Bullitt East

7. Henry Clay

8. Moore

9. Perry Central

10. Clark County

11. Jeffersontown

12. Manual

13. Butler

14. Woodford County

15. Rowan County

16. Knott Central

17. Lexington Catholic

18. Marshall County

19. Ohio County

20. Bowling Green


How is Lexington catholic ranked and Dixie Heights isn't? Didn't they beat them?

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