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Halle Berry: "I Love Being Naked"


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Halle Berry is definitely attractive, but she's nowhere near the top of the list IMO.


I know people will jump all over me, but she just doesn't really do it for me.


I am not sure I could name any. That doesn't mean I wouldn't agree with your list I am just not sure I can name any hot female actresses over 40.


Give me some Julia Roberts.

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I'm curious as to who. That would be some serious beauty.


Off the top of my head....


Sandra Bullock

Diane Lane

Nicole Kidman

Terri Hatcher

Jennifer Aniston

Kate Walsh

Meg Ryan

Sharon Stone

Naomi Watts

Thandie Newton (after looking, she's only 38, but close enough)

Selma Hayek

and the easy #1....Marisa Tomei

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