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Prayers for Southwestern Football Family

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John Tyler Pickerell went missing Wednesday night after the accident at Lake Cumberland.


Football Coach Dale Anderson says Pickerell, like so many of his players, is like a member of the family.


“Reality is hard to deal with. Reality is really tough,” Anderson said.


Anderson is among the throngs of teammates and friends who have spent all day at the lake waiting for some kind of answer. He watches as a sonar boat crew attempts to pick up a signal. Thursday night, he joined family members and friends for a candlelight vigil beside the lake.


Prayers go out to the family of John Tyler Pickerell, his friends, teachers, coaches and teammates. Tragic news that has hit the entire county but has devastated the SW Football Family. Our prayers to all of you.



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Was a neighbor of the boy's Great Grand Father and a good friend of his Grand Father. So sorry for the family and also his school family. We here in Monroe Co. had our lost to deal with and it is ironic this boy's roots from his father are in Monroe Co. Our prayers go out to all involed and may the Lord be with you all.

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