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  1. Good ball team have some size on the inside and good guard play. Just don't think any 4th region team a top 10 team. Would rate Glasgow1, Monroe2, Bowling Green3, and Allen Co.4 as they have beat both Monroeand Glasgow.
  2. This poll does not watch 4th region very close. Bowling Green has lost to both Glasgow and Monroe Co. already this year. Glasgow, Monroe, and Bowling Green might be in the 15 to 20 range but no higher.
  3. Feel tha A&M and Oregon 2 best teams so far. Will see how Bama an ND works out befroe saying they are the best. To me this year there is not one team a lot better than the rest. Feel that on a given night 7 or 8 teams could beat one another. Maybe only 5 or 6 but still feel no one team better than the rest.
  4. The Cards will have to play over their heads to win or the Gators don't show up. If the Gators are fired up and ready to play the Cards will be in for a long night. The Gators are too strong for the Cards on the D and O lines for the Cards. GO GATORS. Remember if you aren't a Gator you are Gator bait.
  5. No way NIU could beat Vandy they had all they could handle with a Kent St. team the Wildcats beat 47-14.
  6. This game depends on the Gators state of mind. They have played to the level of the weaker teams and have played better against better teams. Not trying to knock Louisville but they are not on par with better teams the Gators have played. That being said if Gators come to play no contest but if they aren't ready to play Louisville will make a game of it. GO GATORS.
  7. Feel this game will not be a blow-out because Notre Dame has a good defense but feel the Bama will win by ten.
  8. As Monroe Co. fan give Central al the credit that they deserve. They been behind in the fourth quarter in their last 3 games but have come back and won all 3 a mark of a truly good team. Good luck to Central at state.
  9. Agree completely 4 teams in 2014 will be better but 8 would be better still.
  10. If Georgia beats Bama in SEC championship game and both win this Saturday then no problem with Georgia playing in National Championship game. On the other hand if Notre Dame were to lose this week and Florida beats Florida St. and Georgia loses to Bama the Florida over Georgia because Georgia lost bad to South Carolina and did not have to play LSU or Texas A@M during regular season.
  11. If 3 best teams in the country are in same conference or division if you have 3 or more teams playing to win a championship then they should be in. Kent State in the top 25 in BCS and they cannot beat Kentucky so best teams need to play for championship no matter how many schools out of same conference.
  12. The first part of this is for Florida to beat Florida State and then ND would have to lose to SC. If Gators beat Florida St. they will have beaten LSU, Texas A@M, and South Carolina. That would look good if ND loses. Just wish in 2014 there were 8 teams instead of 4 but 4 at least better than 2. GO GATORS.
  13. Defense wins Championships so as of this time looks like the Irish and Bama playing for all the marbles. I am Florida Gator fan but pull for all SEC teams except Tennessee who don't play football anymore. Irish and Bama would be a great game for their fans and a bad one for all the haters. I'm not a big irish fan but give them credit they have beaten every team they played and have won a couple game in which they were outplayed a mark of a good team.
  14. Monroe will have their hands full with Central. Monroe cannot make turnovers and will need to complete a few passes to keep the defense honest and just not playing the run. Central has won two close games in the last two weeks maybe it is time for the close game to go the other way. Monroe will have to play their best game all year to win but feel that the Falcons can be up to the task.
  15. Good hard fought game by both teams. Congrats to South Warren for a good season and good luck next year.
  16. South Warren one of the up and coming programs in the state. Congrats on a big win from a Monroe Co. fan. See you in T-Ville Friday night.
  17. Feel Monroe will win this game but a lot closer than the last one.
  18. Agree the Irish are good but not SEC good.
  19. Feel FC just too good for South Warren but give South Warren credit up and coming team.
  20. Notre Dame, Oregon, and Kansas State are all good ball teams. The reason SEC is the best is speed on the defensive line. Go back to last year and Oregon's James could not beat LSU'S defensive ends to the edge. Anyone of the 3 teams I mentioned would not be able to beat Bama because Bama just too could and defense and Bama's offense would rack up points on Oregon or Kansaa State. Notre Dame has best defense of those teams but they cannot beat Bama.
  21. If Louisville were good enough to play with elite SEC teams they would be killing the Big East teams they play. Example 2010 Sugar Bowl Florida vs Cincy the Bearcats give up a ton of yards to an average SEC offense. Whatever division Louisville would be in the SEC they would be in the middle of the pack.
  22. Will give ND credit for tough schedule but I don't see LSU, South Carolina, or Texas A&M on their schedule. ND solid on defense will see if they have enough offense to beat Oklahoma.
  23. Monroe just too good for the wildcats this year. Feel Monroe will win very easy and get some pt for backups this week.
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