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So you have the first pick in your NFL draft...

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LT, I think Petterson will have a sophmore slump and is injury prone! BTW, who is on the cover of Madden?

I wouldn't really say he is injury prone. The collar bone was a freak accident and the only other thing I can remember was an ankle sprain his sophomore year and he still rushed for over 1,200 yards.

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There's always risk with RB's...LT has been at a high level for 7 seasons, which is longer than most last at the position. Was his knee injury late last season the beginning of the end of his reign, or something that he'll overcome? Peterson has been injured at least once every year after his monster freshman season at OU? Is that going to be the norm for him throughout his career?


People are just going to have to make their own guess on these two guys as far as injuries go. Tomlinson still has the receiving option to offset games when his rushing is stifled. Also, consider last year, the Chargers took some time to adjust with Norv Turner as head coach. LT, and the whole team, got off to a slow start. Peterson, on the other hand, will have to prove he can do it again this year after teams have had some time to study and adjust to him.


Just a few random facts...


Best fantasy game in 2007: AP = 46 (Week 9), LT = 44 (Week 6)

Worst fantasy game in 2007: AP = 0 (Week 14), LT = 5 (Week 2)

Average fantasy points per game: AP = 15.9, LT = 18.1

Games produced under 10 fantasy points: AP = 5, LT = 2

Games produced under 5 fantasy points: AP = 3, LT = 0 (each had one game with exactly 5 fantasy points)

Games produced 13 or more fantasy points: AP = 6, LT = 12

If you take away their two best weeks, the average ppg is: AP = 11.3, LT = 15.3

Average fantasy points from Weeks 13-17: AP = 10.2, LT = 21.8



Tomlinson is a proven commodity. He is capable of producing monster fantasy games on par with anyone, but he's also as consistent as they come. Peterson can produce the big games, but he hasn't proven the consistency part yet. I prefer having a guy I can count on for a minimum of 13 to 15 nearly every week, with reasonable shot of getting more, and sometimes much more.


Unless something disastrous happens to one of these two guys, I don't think you could go wrong picking either of them. My two biggest questions are 1) Can Adrian Peterson stay healthy, and 2) how much longer can LT maintain the level he's played at since coming into the league?

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