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Dixie Heights/Scott Predictions

Who wins?  

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Nothing would surprise me in this epic battle. IMO, Scott played tough against the BIRDS and never gave up until the final whistle. Dixie seems to be in a death spiral and I do not think they are going to be able to pull in time of the final crash... Especially when the fans are starting to turn against the squad.


Should be a game worth watching. Good luck to both teams! :thumb:

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Do you feel that Holmes win over Dixie and Scott's win over Holmes do not translate to this game in any way?




Scott caught Holmes on a bad night. Scott doesn't have the talent depth to contain Dixie's playmakers. Scott has no gamebreakers like the Dogs did against Dixie.


Dixie 35

Scott 7

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Here are all the playoff scenarios that could play out this Friday night.



Scenario 1: Holmes beats Cov Cath/Dixie beats Scott


1. Highlands

2. Holmes

3. Dixie

4. Cov Cath

5. Scott


Scenario 2: Holmes beats Cov Cath/Scott beats Dixie


1. Highlands

2. Scott

3. Holmes

4. Dixie

5. Cov Cath


Scenario 3: Cov Cath beats Holmes/Dixie beats Scott


1. Highlands

2. Dixie

3. Cov Cath

4. Scott

5. Holmes


Scenario 4: Cov Cath beats Holmes/Scott beats Dixie


1. Highlands

2. Cov Cath

3. Scott

4. Holmes

5. Dixie



If Dixie loses, they need a Holmes win to stay alive.


If Scott loses, they need a Cov Cath win to stay alive.

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IMO Scott over Dixie would likely be the biggest upset of the season in NKY.


I agree. I realize that Scott had an impressive win against Holmes earlier this year, and I also realize that Dixie has stumbled some heading down the stretch, but this would be a monumental upset in NKY if Scott won.


Also, if Dixie manages to lose this game OR they have a bad showing in the playoffs, I think that the Dixie program will have to take a real hard off-season look at itself and where it is/where it wants to go in the future. In my opinion, they have been the biggest enigma in NKY football over the past few years.

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Silver Streaker, I don't think the fans have given up on the squad. The coaching staff would be more likely. I agree that some of the boys are strickly out for their own benefit . But I hope, they can come together as one TEAM and save the rest of their season.


ALL 4 captains need too step it up and play for the team and stop worrying about their stats!!!!!!!



1 2 3 Dixie Pride....Don't forget it!!!!!:dancingpa:fight:

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