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2020 NBA Draft

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The NBA steps back into the limelight this evening with the draft. This class is not lauded as a super high profile group, despite some familiar names.

I was going to list a top ten or something but I'm already working on a big list for you all so I really just have a few different questions:

Is LaMelo Ball more committed to basketball than Anthony Edwards? Would that surprise anyone but me?

Is James Wiseman the best player in the draft? If not, who, and where will they be selected? 

Which Foreign player will have the biggest impact?

Is there a superstar lurking in this class?

Which school boasts the most draftees?

Who is the #1 pick?


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I think LaMelo has the most potential and has shown that he can ball (killed it in comparison to RJ Hampton who also had a lot of hype going to Australia). The issue with him I would think for NBA teams would be the potential baggage that comes with him along with how coachable he is. I do think he goes 1st overall as there are questions with Wiseman's motor and more of a need to a guard than a big in Minnesota.

I think Topin and Okongwu could be guys, depending on where they go, that could step right in and make an impact. I think Nesmith could have one of the biggest impacts as a Rookie due to his ability to create and make shots

As far as foreign players, I like Avdija, but I don't think he is an immediate impact player and may take some time to become stud, but I think the potential is there.

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TWolves fan here. In true TWolves fashion, they secure the #1 pick with a horrendous crop of talent coming in. I think they will hold their nose and draft Edwards, but what do I know? Whether he turns out to be his player comparison Dwayne Wade (unlikely) or not, I think he is a safe bet to be at worst a serviceable player. Not seeing bust potential.

I think Wiseman is the best player and is who I would draft #1. At worst he will be Tyson Chandler with some range, best case a more athletic LeMarcus Aldridge. What limited times I have seen him play, he just looked different than everybody else. He popped on my screen. Edwards you wouldn't know suited up for Georgia in stretches.

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