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Bourbon Trail Recommendations


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If going to Woodford, stop in Midway for lunch at Wallace Station. Worth the wait in line (outdoor tables), was featured on Diners, drive Ins & Dives.


Yep. There were about a dozen people ahead of us in line at 2:00; we still got in and out in under an hour. The Big Brown Burger was the one featured on the DD&D episode and it was fantastic. Easy to find, right on Old Frankfort Pike (one of the prettiest October drives in the Commonwealth).

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So much to do and so little time.


I've been to I think all the Distilleries on the tour, excluding some of the stuff they've recently added in Louisville.


With that said, my two favorites were Makers and Woodford. Only problem is they are no where near each other.


To get to Makers you have to travel pretty far off the beaten path. Gorgeous area, but man it's far. Only plus is that Bardstown is relatively close, which means you are fairly close to the Old Talbott Tavern, which I recommend stopped at for lunch.


Woodford is also very pretty, however they no longer give out free shot glasses. Kind of a bummer to me. Also, they only allow you to taste the original Woodford and the Double Oak.


Interesting note, it wasn't too long ago all these places were free to tour and taste, with the exception of Woodford which I believe charged only $5. However, with the Bourbon Boom, just about every place charges now (and they would be silly not to).


If you're making 2-3 stops, I would say hit Wild Turkey, Woodford, and either Buffalo Trace or Town Branch. I'm not a big fan of Town Branch, but am a fan of Altech which makes Bourbon Barrel Ale. At Town Branch you get to same the beers as well as the bourbons, which I am a big fan of.


Hope that helps.

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