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Rockcastle County vs. Garrard County Predictions


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

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Camp was 7on7 coaches on field making adjustments etc. the perry central was a 3 team scriminage rotating in an out nothing was kept no score etc just by spectators the only real scriminage that was held was against George Rogers Clark 8-20-2015 refs score stats etc 21-7 on that one. No rules were broken never have been by Rockcastle.


I think the rule is that if any 7-7 in August is considered a scrimmage. Someone can check that for me.


So if true then yes a rule was broke and too many scrimmages were done.

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The camp was Jabez August 1st-3rd. You can google Boyle co Jabez football camp an it will show in a recorded meeting from bchs website where the motion for Boyle co to attend camp there was approved. Players from the Rockcastle team that are family members of mine told me how they had to scriminage southwestern an Boyle co an won against them. No stats are recorded at camps just word straight from my family that plays.


This sounds like more than 7-7

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I don't know what it is but when it rains muddy sloppy fields have always been proven to benefit Rockcastle. I remember a few years back mountain top 10 teams in Rockcastle (5-0) Perry county central (5-0) ended in a 22-0 win for Rockcastle in a game that we was heavily favored to loose but it poured an the game was an absolute mud bath.

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Man I missed a fun thread



I guess what people were saying is true. EVERYONE does illegally scrimmage...especially teams within an hour and a half of Jabez



We also get the elusive wet field discussion as well.


As for the game I think Rock wins in a squeeker


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