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  1. Boyle has the most complete team and the 2nd best coach in the tournament. They are my pick.
  2. Great write up. My pick is Boyle County. Haven’t seen a more complete team than them this season.
  3. Where did the Ajuonuma kid come from? Haven’t followed the Powell team this year and saw his stat line the other day and was wondering. Doesn’t sound like a Stanton name.
  4. Think I heard on the radio that Garrard had an 86 yard passing touchdown, in the same weather.
  5. 7- Scott County 5- Western Hills 3- LCA 2- Frankfort 1- Wayne County TB- Western Hills
  6. Simon Kenton Boyle County Mercer County Western Hills Frederick Douglass Madison Central
  7. 7- Somerset 5- Anderson Co 3- Lexington Catholic 2- Madison Southern 1- Montgomery Co TB- Somerset
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