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"God wink" - a Greg Rose tribute


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borrowed from a friend's FB account:



“God wink”


It’s a term I recently became familiar with, thanks to the Rose family, after the passing of our friend and neighbor Greg. An event or experience, identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it could only have come from God.


Greg passed away unexpectedly about 16 months ago. After his funeral service, his family and friends made a special journey to venerable Bob Miller Stadium at CCMS, to celebrate his life and love of football. That's where Greg excelled as a youth, and later became the PA voice of all Camel games for many years. In honor of Greg and his uniform #35 , the scoreboard was lit up, and the score simply read “35-0”. It was a spectacular evening!!


Since Campbell County HS had moved down the road to Claryville, and recently built a spectacular new football facility, Bob Miller Stadium was relegated to hosting Red Devil football. High school football, which was near-and-dear to Greg’s heart, was a thing of the past. But through a generous arrangement between the Campbell County School Board and neighboring Bishop Brossart High School, which does not have football facilities, an agreement was made where BBHS would adopt the local stadium as “home”.


This past Friday, 32 students made the walk up Washington St. from BBHS to Bob Miller Stadium, and began a new era of Mustang football. In the first game of high school football in Bob Miller Stadium since Greg’s passing, the Mustangs prevailed ... 35-0 ... as though the scoreboard had never been turned off.


Coincidence, or “God wink”? I’ll let you decide. I know what I believe.


BBHS 35-0.jpg

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Sooooo, it was Greg who prevented us from scoring on 1st and Goal from the 5!!!



Greg Rose was a great friend. I knew him as a little boy playing for the Red Devils and always made a point of it to stop outside the PA window at Bob Miller Stadium when I was in attendance at a Camels game. He always returned the favor when I was doing Brossart-Camels games in the Middle School gym.


On the broadcast this Friday night I made special reference to Greg when the Mustangs were facing a big defensive situation and said something like, "I can hear Greg Rose now exhorting the Camel fans to get behind the Campbell County defense."


RIP Greg, Gone much too soon!

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