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Class 3A Rankings for 8-22


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1. Central vs. Evansville Reitz (IN) ... 8/25

2. Bell County at 6A Bryan Station

3. Paducah Tilghman vs. Clarksville West Creek (TN)

4. Breathitt County vs. 5A Letcher Central

5. Belfry vs. 4A Harrison County

6. Garrard County vs. 5A Anderson County ... 8/25

7. Bourbon County vs. 5A Madison Southern

8. Fort Campbell vs. 1A #7 Russellville

9. Corbin vs. 2A #7 Lexington Christian ... 8/25

10. Monroe County at 2A Metcalfe County

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I knew something had to be wrong for you to make a mistake.:lol:


I make some, that is for sure!


All kidding aside, I think we had it right to begin with and then when we did one of our several proofs we blew it based on using the master schedule as our guide.


I think I will have to fire the employee that did that and I know who it is! :D

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Belfry @ #5 is grossly under rated.


This is a team who returns 14 starters from a group who came inches away from defeating Louisville Central. Since the 6 Class System it has been Central and Belfry and everyone else..and this may be the best Belfry team in that time period.


Tilghman is too high. Lone Oak is a good win on paper, but with their QB going down during the game (for a team completely predicated on their passing offense), I can't help but think it may be a bit over stated to give them such a jump (especially over experienced Belfry and Breathitt teams).


I will say the Top 5 of 3A certainly may be more formidable then the Top 5 of any class excluding 4A and 6A.

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ATL, I think the separation between Breathitt, Belfry and Bell is minute. I personally think based on initial info that Breathitt should be ahead of Bell and Belfry slightly. Central is solid at #1 and I am not sure where Tilghman fits in. I do know that their ranking is not just based on score, but also first hand analysis from knowledgeable football people.


This class is going to be hard to rank 1-5 and it will likely shake up a lot throughout the season. There just isn't much difference between 2 and 5, IMO, and nobody in that group can be grossly underrated.


My personal top 5 would be Central, Breathitt, Belfry, Tilghman, Bell at this point, but I may change it every week, lol.

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I agree that Bell, Belfry, and Breathitt are a toss-up.


Breathitt- Appears to be the most talented of the three and has possibly the best offensive player in 3A. Added a potential All-State caliber player on both sides of the ball as well as another "Defacto Starter" when the Cox kid transferred. Of the 3 though, I also think Breathitt has the one single most glaring concern as they lost the Collins kid at HB who ran for almost 2000 yards last season and there is no apparent replacement.


Belfry- Very experienced and where they lost starters they have experienced and capable backups at nearly every position except for FB. Return their top HB in Johnson. Extremely deep in several units. Lost a 3 year starter at QB, but his replacement may actually be better and make the team more dangerous right away. I don't like to use scrimmages as a basis of design per se, but all reports are that Belfry physically man-handled a very good Hazard team.


Bell- Once again, very experienced returning 14 starters. Return 3/4 of the backfield, but did lose their superstar RB. Collett and Polly are more than capable to carry the workload, but Davenport was a special kind of talent. Probably the biggest OL in 3A. What remains to be seen is can Oslonian take the next step as their QB as he struggled with turnovers, can Bell's backs pick up the slack as HR threats.


No offense to Tilghman, who I think is a very good team, but I just cannot justify jumping any of those three with what they returned from very good teams last year especially this early in the season.


Personally, I think this is how it looks:


1. Central


2. Belfry/Breathitt

4. Bell (have to punish them for a loss even though it was to a very good team)


5. Tilghman


6. Ft. Campbell- People are sleeping on them. They made the Semi-Finals and beat a pretty good TN team last week.

7. Bourbon/Garrard

9. Corbin




10. About 5 Teams right now with a claim

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