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  1. Gonna be a tough one for the Rams. The young and inexperienced players for the Rams are going to have to grow up real fast if they want to win this one. LCA is a very good football team and their key players have been starting varsity for 4 years now. Alot of experience on the LCA side. Raceland is going to have to keep the LCA offense off the field by sticking to the running game and trying to make it a defensive game. No chance for the Rams if this turns into an offensive shoot out. I like the way the Rams D has been playing so Im not going to completely write them off friday night for an upset. Hayden has never impressed me in all the games I have seen him play. He is no doubt a good ball player, but he has never "wowed" me and I hope the Rams keep it that way this friday. On the other hand, the QB for LCA has shown me alot, he is a playmaker and a tough match up for any D. Rams just have to show LCA right off the bat that they arent intimidated and they are in Lexington to win, not to keep it close but to win! Get ready for a battle Rams. Prediction: Raceland 20 LCA 38
  2. Congrats on the win rams! My prediction was pretty close. Really glad to see this team grind one out and pull through some adversity. Keep playing hard and putting the team first. Also congrats to Coach Hoof and the rest of the staff.
  3. Great job on the R!! I would like to see Dennis and Greg Grizzle get together on doin that R! Those two guys could probably figure out how to paint a team portrait on the 50yd line !! I think the wet field will benefit the rams tonight. I look for the Barr kid to have a nice game grinding it out in the mud. I think he has a chance to get alot of carries tonight with the wet weather. Good luck raceland! If you guys can't get pumped up for this one then we got some problems. Raceland v. Fairview is guaranteed to be a wild one! Go rams!!
  4. I think its gonna be hard for the eagles to come into Ram Stadium and pull out a win. I think as far as talent goes its a pretty even match but I have to give the edge to the Raceland coaching staff. Nothing against Fairview's coaches, I think they have a solid coaching staff but IMO Coach Maynard and Hoof have the advantage. Not to many coaches around here can put together a defensive scheme like Coach Maynard. I think its gonna to be a low scoring chess match type game. Raceland wins it in a tough one. Rams 13 Eagles 8
  5. Rams win it 24-13 I dont think Raceland will have as much success throwing the ball deep down field like they did against Nicholas County due to the speed Paris normally possesses in the secondary. Rams are going to have to pound the ball on the Paris defense a little before they can start slinging it deep. Paris is always dangerous due to their athleticism and speed. Raceland has to put this game away early and make a statement to Paris in the 1st half. You cant let them hang around in the second half like they did Nicholas County last week because Paris has big play ability. Rams are improving and hopefully will get a big piece of the puzzle back this week in Barr. Good Luck Rams!
  6. The weather might give the Rams a few problems on offense so not as much scoring tonight as most would think, but Rams still win easy. Rams 28 Nicholas 6
  7. I know a former Raceland QB that was really interested in joining the coaching staff and working with the ram's quarterbacks this season. Not taking anything away from Coach Vanderhoof because IMO he does an excellent job with the ram's offense and the quarterbacks. But I think the two junior QB's could have really learned alot from someone that has in-game experience not only at the high school level but at the college level as well. According to some of the Raceland school officials the school said they didnt have the "funds" to bring in another coach. IMO it would be worth throwing together a few dollars to bring in a former all-state and record holding QB to help out. I think Farley does alot of things well and has alot of talent but I really do think he would benefit from having a personal QB coach. Some aspects about playing the position are hard to grasp unless you were actually under center, and the experience would rub off on the Rams qb's. Once again not taking anything away from the Rams coaching staff but I know that the added experience would be a great asset to the current and future Raceland QBs.
  8. To me the downside would be that he has no head coaching experience at the varsity level. Greenup needs someone to come in that has alot of experience and knows how to turn a program around. They do not need a first time head coach in there trying to learn on the fly.
  9. I dunno Coupon, I have heard from some very good sources that Rister transfering to Raceland is pretty much a done deal. Seems like the Musketeers just keep losing their good athletes to the Rams....puts a little more fire into the county rivalry!
  10. Raceland does take baseball seriously. Its just the simple fact that baseball is a non-revenue sport, always has been, always will be. Football brings in the fans and the money, therefore it will always be paid more attention to by the administration. Not saying I 100% agree with it but its the truth. Raceland is a football school. You mention Greenup putting forth all efforts to help their baseball program and alot of that has to do with the fact that GC has a coach that does not teach, does not coach another sport, and has the time to solely concentrate on baseball. Coach Hoof is a two sport head coach and has to balance time between both sports even in the offseasons. I would like to see the Rams hire a good assistant coach, personally I would like to see Bob Trimble help out with the baseball team.
  11. Do you have any idea of some of the possible candidates that have put in applications?
  12. Raceland's offense will be in good hands, Farley has the ability to be a top QB in Class A before he graduates.
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