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  1. I guess we'll just have to find out Friday night who will be in for a long night...I'm not a T fan, but I saw the green and white scrimmage and came away impressed with what I saw on both sides of the ball.
  2. LOL...I wouldn't count on Highlands being "gentle"...and vice versa. This will be a great test for Trinity's young team, but I won't be shocked if t Rocks win by 2 or more scores.
  3. Shocking...sounds like this has been brewing for awhile given that Martin has already been named the new coach.
  4. And if the Birds lose...what will your t-shirts say?
  5. Trinity and KCD did do 7 on 7 last night. When I left Rocks had scored on its first 8 possesions. KCD scored twice. Trinity looked like they had plenty of skill on both sides.
  6. Is it true that the Rocks are doing a 7 on 7 against KCD tonight at 6 at Harry Jansing?
  7. QB will not be a weak spot for the Rocks, whichever sophmore wins the job.
  8. Agree with this assessment, especially concerning the comparison of the senior classes. The biggest question marks for the Tigers will be the O line play and depth they can get from the juniors at various backup spots. I believe the entire O line and many of the #2's graduated. If X gets handled up front and is forced to throw on third down they could struggle offesnsively against one team on their schedule--Trinity. Tiger defense should be stellar.
  9. Tompkins is one of the best coaches in Kentucky. When did Trinity win state in Basketball? I must have been asleep because I thought this year they got eliminated by Male in Region. Football is totally different. Beatty and Coverdale do outcoach the rest of the state. Their offense is complex and virtually unstoppable. In baseball, the offense for the most part is up to one individual at the plate. Miss by an 8th of an inch and its a strike, foul ball or an out. In football, you miss by 8th of an inch you just line up 11 guys and go for it on 2nd, 3rd or 4th down.
  10. Final at Louisville Slugger Field
  11. Tompkins has been outstanding...just curious as why Spalding wasn't brought in to close the game.
  12. Was X saving Spalding for Lloyd Memorial on Saturday?
  13. It's easy to point the finger at coaching when kids don't develop or quit....but I think there are very few in Rockland who would want to get rid of Steve Tompkins. From what I'm hearing the senior who quit did so on his own accord without any animonsity toward the coaching the staff. It appears the hiatus Bowling took is paying off because he's crushing the ball now. By the way, they just beat 4th ranked LCA...little premature to jump out of the foxhole just yet.
  14. You switch their regions and Trinity has a darn good shot of being your state champion(beat Ballard once in LIT) and anybody that follows KY bball has to admit that! "Switch their regions"....?? Okay, if Trinity moved their school to Pikeville my guess would be Sewell wouldn't be on the team. Instead, they are located in the largest metropolitan area in Kentucky with no district boundaries, and over 1,300 kids from multiple counties to choose from. Shelby Valley has probably less than 300 boys and you argue Sheby Valley is the "fortutitous" school of the two? And if we engage in your fiction of magically switching Trinity and Shelby Valley's regions what does it matter that "Trinity would have a darn good shot of being the state champion"? They already had "darn good shot" to be State Champs by playing in Region 7, but Ballard beat them, not just once but twice. I don't follow your logic of how Trinity's chances of winning state get better by playing against inferior competition like Shelby Valley did all year.
  15. I hear what you're saying...So let's look at specific skills? Shooting--Justice is clearly the better shooter IMO Ball handling--Justice, clear advantage Passer--Justice, slight advantage Defender--Sewell, clear advantage, will get you more blocked shots, with height and athleticism can defend almost any position on the floor Rebounder--Sewell, same as above Scoring ability in general--Sewell, slightly, he's really hard to stop when he drives to the basket. The problem is we're comparing two different types of players. Justice is a true 1 or 2 guard and Sewell plays more like a 3 or 4. Not saying Pitino is the Guru of all Basketball Gurus, but I"m guessing he's seen both play and was more interested in Justice. The point is POY is not about who would win in a one-one on contest. It doesn't matter if Justice is a "better player" than Sewell or vice versa. It boils down to what player had the most outstanding season.
  16. If you look at strength of schedule as the determing factor then no player from the Mountains or Western Kentucky would ever win POY because those schools cannot play as many ranked opponents as a school like Trinity. It is geograpically and financially prohibited because so many of the schools ranked are in Louisville and Lexington. I don't think Shelby Valley refused to host a bunch of schools from Louisville....there probably weren't any intersted in making an 8 hr. round trip to Pike County to play a game. Nor was Shelby Valley interested in making that trek on a regular basis. They would essentially have to travel to Louisville and Lexignton every weekend in order to play as many ranked opponents as Trinity did. You can't use strength of schedule as an argument against Justice...he didn't make the schedule. I could see your argument if you were talking about a kid who put up big numbers at a small school and that school didn't advance out of region. But, you're talking about a kid who led his team to the title. Sewell had a great year, but in the end he lost twice to a school (Ballard) that was beaten by Shelby Valley, led by Justice. Both are deserving, but Justice has earned it by carrying his team to the title.
  17. Yes, Hageman should be on the list as he is a D1 signee with WKU. It's pretty obvious that some coaches didn't nominate players and that's why they were left off the list.
  18. I agree. The rules should be followed. The problem is the KHSAA is inconsistent at best in applying and enforcing the rules. We've all seen them make a ruling then turn around and reverse it after a family gets lawyered up. What about those kids that can't afford a high priced lawyer? Money and influence should not decide who gets to play and who gets to sit. Just abolish the rule and let all kids transfer once without penalty and be done with all this nonsense.
  19. Correction, 08 was Jefferson's second year and they finished 33-6 losing to CAL in the Region championship. 06 was White's last year and they made it the semis at Applebees before being beat by NicK Maronde and eventual champion Lex Cath. Both seasons they finished in the top 10 in the coach's poll.
  20. I know of at least 2 times in the last 5 years, Joe White's last year and John Jefferson's first year.
  21. So did just about everybody else...LOL...They also have 3 kids this year that will play at the next level in Alphin, Bowles and Whitmer. Name me a team that has a 1-2 pitching rotation with more varsity experience than Alphin and Bowles.
  22. Not true...in joint cutody situations you can have primary residence with one parent and it can later be changed to the other parent. Sometimes kids do decide they want to live primarily with the other parent and it has nothing to do with athletics. "Joint Custody" doesn't always mean they live 50/50 with each parent. It generally means that each parent has equal say in the child's upbringing and financial support.
  23. The rule does not require a change of custody...just a bona fide change of residence.
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