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  1. :thumb: Excellent points. I haven't agreed with all of his x's and o's over the years but one thing is certain--Coach Glaser has a passion for coaching and a tremendous work ethic.
  2. I don't like the word "quit" in this situation...but yes he chose to play fall baseball. In fact, UK saw him pitch last week against Trinity and offered him a scholarship three days later. Turns out he made a wise decision. The kid can throw a football, but he was told he wasn't needed to do that at St.X anymore.
  3. We don't have an effective quaterback on the team. We had one, but he was forced to move to WR as a junior last year to make way for the one we saw most tonight. After showing a stronger arm, better vision, and better decison making ability as a freshman and sophmore he was told he had to move to receiver because his teammate just "made things happen" at QB. Leonhert elected not to play this year as he was not going to be given a chance to compete for the QB job. This is the worst personnel blunder I've witnessed in watching Tiger football for over 30 years. In any event, Rocks were by far the better team regardless of who was at QB for the Tigers.
  4. I predict this little "scrimmage" game will be a defensive struggle. I look for Trinity to run the ball and continue with their effective short passing attack. The Tiger D is good, but depth is a concern and I fear the offense will not allow the X defenders much of a breather. Not sure who will QB for the Tigers, and not sure it really matters given the play calling. Rocks win 17-7.
  5. Curious, what Trinity team had the most players go on to play D1? I recall the 84 team had Andy Murray, Carwell Gardner, Donnie Gardner and Mike Pfeiffer who all went on to play D1. Not sure if any others like Jason Larch or Scott Gregory walked on D1 schools or not. Were there any other Rock teams with more D1 talent than that group?
  6. Holding Male to 5 first downs and a little over 100 yards of offesne (45 of those coming on 1 play) should give Tiger Nation a glimmer of hope that we can keep the October 1 showdown from being a blowout. McMurray's return to the lineup should also give our anemic offense a boost and perhaps allow our defense to stay off the field for longer than 3 plays. Let's just hope the injury bug is over and we come out of the Central game without more walking wounded.
  7. Fatsnbul, Quick and Hatcher were playing in the game so I"m sure they'll remind their teammates if Beatty forgets to do so himself.
  8. AL, I know in years past Male has not dressed some of the better freshmen because of their role on varsity...is that still the case?
  9. Alan, I get the sarcasm...but c'mon, we play Male every year, barring natural disasters, and they haven't beat us since they had Doug Beaumont.
  10. "That is why I said it should be interesting to see when Trinity plays a school of similar size." Rob Would you at least concede the Trinity game a couple of weeks ago against Lawrence North was "interesting" given their enrollment of 3000 students (boys and girls)?
  11. I get it...Trinity hasn't beaten anybody this year because they haven't play a school with the same enrollment numbers. So, if Cincy X beats Trinity with an enrollment of over 1450 student that's also becuase of their superior numbers right? Who should Cincy X play to get a good game, Fairfield, the largest school in Ohio, who lost every game they played in 2007? How many different classes should states have to make sure the competition is fair? Would 10 or 12 be enough? Rob, what you are ignoring is that there are only many football players in the world...not all kids play football...it's not like Trinity has tryouts and the entire student body of 1300 shows up and Beatty and company then picks the top 100.
  12. No, its not a "huge difference". If it was "huge", then Elder wouldn't have bothered scheduling Trinity and vice versa. By the way, the stats posted on the link don't support your argument that "300 more boys is a huge difference". According to stats posted on this blog Fairfield Oh was the largest school in D1 in 2007 with over 1200 boys. They didn't make the playoffs, and in fact lost every game on their schedule. There was no analysis showing a statistically significant advantage for a school over another school if they had enrollment numbers of 300 more students than their opponenet. All this blogger did was basically divide all D1 schools in half as either "large" or "small" and look at the win percentage(large won 54% vs. 46%). Was this win percentage based on total wins of both groups or head to head competition(large vs. small)? Assuming it was head-to-head, 8% difference to me is not "huge" and if you plug the numbers into a statistical significance calculator they are not "statistically signficant". You should have just said, "Elder is down this year, it will be interesting to see how they do against a better large school like Cincy X." Nobody's buying the argument that Trinity eeked out a victory against a little ole private school from the cornfields of Ohio.
  13. RobDig, Actually you were the one who injected enrollment numbers into the discussion...suggesting were you not that Trinity had not played or beaten a team this year with "similar enrollment numbers"? Others suggested the Elder game was against such a school and you then posted a misleading link showing Elder had like 600 students in 2008 in grades 10 thru 12. They actually have over a 1000 boys. What division does Elder play in Ohio? Don't they play in the same division as X, Colerain, and Moeller? What follows is from Elder's web site: "As Elder began to grow, a certain spirit and character known as Elder grew with it. During its early years the school was co-educational; however, in 1928 Seton High School was established to accommodate girls, leaving Elder an all boys' school staffed by the priests of the Archdiocese and lay teachers. Since then Elder has grown into one of the largest all boys' schools in the Archdiocese and in the state. In the 1930's a group of faculty members and students began work on what has become the premier high school football stadium in the city. The real impetus of construction, however, took place in the mid-1940's. In December of 1947 the stadium was completed. The stadium can accommodate more than 9,000 people and has attracted more than a million and a half fans over its half-century existence." It appears that the school itself does not consider itself to be a small or mid-size school.
  14. Robdigity, are you for real? Elder is a catholic private all boy's school with over 1,000 students in grades 1-12. Trinity is the same, with a little over 1300 students. Enrollment numbers can be meaningless and deceiving, I will bet you Elder had more seniors on its roster than Trinity. Are you saying Highlands with less than half the number of boys of Elder would be a more equitable matchup?
  15. The enrollment figures posted in the link are only for grades 9-11, and are from 2008. I saw another link earlier where Trinity had a little over 1300 boys and Elder a little over 1000. It would also be interesting to see how Elder would against a smaller Kentucky school, like say Highlands.
  16. Trinity has the better team over Louisville X this year and should be favored unless the Rocks get dismanteld by the Bombers and come limping in Oct. 1 with key injuries.
  17. X bends but doesn't break often against the Rock running and short passing attack--28-14.
  18. I going with X in a close game. Male has a nice win over Central, but the 1 point OT win over Western makes me think X is at least 2 or 3 points better.
  19. Is Brohm still hampered by an injury? If so, I'm not understanding why they feel compelled to bring him in sporadically.
  20. I think key will be whether X can stop Trinity's running and short passing attack. If they do, can the Rocks stretch the field throwing the ball downfield?
  21. How bad did our O-line look? At the half Glaser said they were "getting destroyed". That says a lot because usually Mike will say something like, "we gotta do a better job"...
  22. You are most welcome...Of course I can't volunteer the Tigers since we have to face you guys 2nd rd and I must sadly concede I don't like our chances.
  23. I think Voice has raised the most pertinent question for this discussion. Without strong youth football its diffucult to have strong high school football. Jefferson County has very strong Optimist leagues and the Catholics have strong CSAA teams. There is no middle school football in JCPS, which is probably a good thing.
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