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  1. Ox, not sure who scored on offense, but there seemed to be a lot of depth and talent at running back. Passing game needs some work. On defense, the D-line and backers played well, Matt Spalding had an INT TD return from his outside linebacker spot. In the secondary, Matt Wilson had an INT and fumble recovery I think. Daylen Hall made some big hits. We did give up a couple long pass plays but they were basically deep balls that were throw up for grabs and FC had an athletic receiver who out jumped our guys.
  2. Saw most of the freshmen scrimmage, needed binoculars, but came away impressed with Fern Creek's athleticism. The QB threw a nice deep ball, stayed in the pocket under pressure and took some hits. FC receivers also came up with a long jump balls. Anybody see how Hynes did for FC's varsity?
  3. Ding ding ding....Tony Lanham would be correct!
  4. Tony D, mid 80's was my era too! Diogenes, good call on Jefferies and Maddox for Southern....for 5 points name Southern's QB that year...
  5. BG has played X very tough and close the last two years. I would be surprised if this is not a close game.
  6. Didn't Andy Murray, Carwell Gardner, Mike Pfeiffer, and Donnie Gardner all start as sophmores and go on to be all state? Anybody old enough to remember the mid 80's?
  7. Is the varsity scrimmage scheduled for the same time?
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