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  1. Coach, I know you and your guys are aspiring to be the best in 6A, not just public 6A. The X game showed me you guys are for real. Good luck the rest of the way, especially against T.
  2. Yes, I agree, a JCPS school would need to win the ship to be the real Top Dawg. 6A football has become rather ho hum over the last 10 years with Trinity, and a couple times X, winning championships year after year. From an X alum and parent, I would like to see more parity in 6A as a whole, not just JCPS. Trinity is loaded the next couple years and I just don't see anybody knocking them off this year or the next two following. I've heard the Rocks freshmen class is "down" this year...but that's probably in comparison to their last two incoming classes which may have been their best ever from a talent standpoint. So yes, somebody besides Trinity please win state soon before the Seperatists begin to clamour louder for a split. Ballard may have a shot this year. I'm not sold on Male yet, but if they or Ballard beat the Rocks this year it will a shot of oxygen that's needed to breathe some life back to 6A football.
  3. Larry, somebody has to be on Top every year...I'm not saying Ballard's football program has been better than Male's over the decades or last half century. I'm just talking right now. I think Ballard has the better team right now which would make them the Top Dawg. See, the Top Dawg is not a crown for life..it's earned every season..
  4. That was just my very humble opinion. I think Ballard has the better team this year, which would make them the JCPS Top Dawg this year. If Male beats Ballard I will proven wrong.
  5. Close Ox... 1 field goal, 1 saftey, 1 touchdown, and 1 two point conversion. At one point my buddy told me the score was 7 to 5 and I had to ask. him who was pitching.
  6. Rocks scored 4 times...but only 13 points, how'd they do it math whizzes?
  7. They should unless they get hit with a rash of injuries. Lou X and Ballard are the only challengers. X doesn't have the offensive line to get it done. Ballard could beat the Rocks, but it would take a herculean effort from Bruin defense.
  8. I will say that JCPS football as a whole is considerably better than their Lexington counterparts. I agree that Male/Redmon not being able to get in the non-feeder school kids has played a part in the talent being disbursed more equally. I do think Ballard has surpassed Male as the top JCPS Dawg.
  9. I don't see the Rocks beating Elder or Cincy X. They should go undeafted the rest of the way in Kentucky.
  10. Don't think wind had impact...but about 6 dropped balls did.
  11. There are 6 football classes , which means you are competing in football against fewer teams and against teams which are relatively the same size as your school. Thus, in my mind, a basketball championship is tougher. In basketball, you're competing against the entire state. Take Trinity for example, 19 football championships to 0 basketball championships. If championships are not a fair measure, then how about sweet 16 appearances in basketball versus final 4 appearances in football?
  12. Florida won championships in both football and basketball...until then Mason is a hoops school in most folks minds.
  13. 7--DeSales 5--Ballard 3--Holy Cross 2--North Oldham 1--Southern 1st tiebreaker--Holy Cross 2nd tiebreaker--DeSales
  14. I can hear John Spears with the radio call in a couple years..."and that was Luke Hayden on the carry...out of...St. Stephen Martyr...Joey Hettel with the stop...out of.... St. Stephen Martyr"... Good to see some backyard kids getting some PT for the Baby Bengals.
  15. Jim, Mattingly was the starter and played very well. Brohm I believe was given a series or two in each half. Two of his three imcompletions were screen passes to Daylen Hall, one was too low and the other too high.
  16. Lamont McMurray is a weapon for sure...maybe he breaks one, maybe he doesn't. I just don't want use injuries as an excuse for almost getting beat at home. 35 points should have been enough to win by two or three td's. Our lack of defensive depth was exposed in the second half. We tried to play our two's and Ballard would start moving the ball and then several of the 1's would come running back onto the field. The fact that Daylen Hall, John Allen and Devontae Beach(defensive starters) all three played significant minutes both ways speaks volume for our lack of depth.
  17. X was without LaMont McMurray, not sure he could have been any more productive than Jay Hayden at RB. The defense was at full strength and that's where we were exposed. Someone besides Daylen Hall is going to have to step up and make plays in the secondary.
  18. The outcome of this one may depend on the health of a couple of key Tiger backs. I've heard McMurray, Hayden and Brohm were all questionable.
  19. If I were the Hicks family I could care less what "everyone" else believed as to why they made their choice. He's not draining public money by trying the "bona fide" move thing, he's sitting out and if I were the family and anyone asked I would say: "We left Shelby County's school system because we felt like it." Freedom is a beautiful thing.
  20. Ox, I checked saintx.com and did not find the 2010 roster. I did see the 2009 roster and saw there were 43 juniors on the roster last year. I hope they all did come back and you are correct.
  21. Keep us posted Engineer! This should have been a reality show.
  22. Jim, I think your numbers are correct..... from what I'm hearing X and T have 37 senior football players combined this year.
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