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  1. Raider, my apologies to Mr. "Redman". Since we are checking spelling and grammar, your use of an elipsis througout this thread is incorrect. The ellipsis consists of three evenly spaced dots (periods) with spaces between the ellipsis and surrounding letters or other marks.
  2. Clark Co. 91 should not be excluded from the discussion simply because they didn't play Trinity's 2011 schedule. A team theoretically could be the "best ever" that played only cupcakes. Clark Co. 91 knocked off T and X in the same year which probably hasn't happened more than 2 or 3 times the last 30 years. For those familiar with the Clark 91 squad, who were some of the studs and where did they go on to play in college?
  3. No, I should have clarified--Quick was First team, Reynolds Second, and White Third team. My question should have been: how many Rocks will join those 3 on either First, Second, or Third team Allstate?
  4. Trinity 2011 returns 3 2010 Allstaters (Quick, White and Reynolds)...How many more Rocks will join these 3? I'm guessing Hatcher for sure, probably Travis Wright, add a couple linemen and Trinity could easily have 7 or 8 on the Allstate teams for 2011.
  5. Baseball is much more hand-eye than football...Give the 76 Reds the context of today's training, coaching, and I think they would perform well in today's game.
  6. I am assuming people are referring to Manual's "1959" state champion team, many of whom were class of "1960". Manual had 6 Allstate players. See the link below for the Allstate listing for 59--3 first teamers and 3 second teamers. By comparison, the 2000 Male squad had 4 first teamers and 1 third teamer. In 2002 Trinity had 6 allstate players, 3 on first team, 2 on second, 1 on third. http://www.louisvillehsfootball.com/ALL-STATE/1959.htm
  7. Whackem, I take it you've never been to a comedy show? The chant was "humour". The kids at X don't really believe that Jesus loves only X students/fans.
  8. Pep, you were correct about Southern...district game in 07 and playoff in 09. But 08 was cupcake city baby! Maybe X is having the same scheduling issues in 2011 that Trinity had in 08.
  9. Per Riherds, in 08 the Mighty Rocks scheduled non-district games with Butler, Dunbar and Lafayette (186-12 combined!!). What was Bad-to-the-bone Bob thinking scheduling those games? Southern was a district game.
  10. Trinity played Southern a couple years ago...why ?
  11. I saw where Steve had his debut last night against Kansas City. He pitched a 1-2-3 9th with 2Ks. His first fastball was at 97 MPH!
  12. This is an inspiring and amazing story. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/marinersblog/2016128150_coming_to_a_theatre_near_you_t.html
  13. http://www.highschoolsports.net/super25/football/ Above is the real USA Today Super 25 rankings. Only Cincy X, at 25, is in the poll.
  14. Two comments--1. X's blowout of Fern Creek was meaningless given the 10 or 12 Creeker starters who were benched; and 2. Trinity is so far ahead the rest of the 6A that really the only spots worth debating on BGP are 2 thru 5.
  15. I would agree the 2002 team had the better offense. The 84 team I think had the better defense. With Carwell and Donnie Gardner on the line....Murray and Larch at LB...Shaw S...running the football was a near impossible task. There was only so many of those guys that you could double team, which then left head hunters like Bibb and Morris to come free. Not exactly a fun good natured group of guys to try and block move the football against.
  16. Brother, I admire your passion for the Tigers, but I tried to talk you into putting the pin back in that grenade you were about to drop and you just wouldn't listen. Even assuming for a moment that you are correct--X has 3 backs better than Dawkins--I would maybe wait to share that opinion publicly, especially to our esteemed Trinity colleagues, until after these wonder backs have chewed up the Rocks for 300 or 400 combined yards of rushing. Until then, let's just act like we are digging fox holes (Sorry, I've been watching too much Military Channel).
  17. I hope I am dead wrong. When you say they could "start" at Trinity, do you mean at positions other than RB? Or, are you saying X has 4 running backs backs better than Daylen Dawkins? I watched both X/T games last year and I didn't see any X running back that was better than Dawkins.
  18. Why not?:jump: I would argue this Trinity team is better for two reasons: 1. James Quick and 2. Daylen Dawkins That 84-85 Rock squad was very big, very strong, and very mean. But, as XTiger so aptly pointed out X was able to knock off the Rocks in the playoffs (20-0 I think....) largely because the X defense was able to get stops and force turnovers. That Trinity squad did not have a D1 caliber running back (no offense to Mr. Greg Lawson) or a D1 caliber receiver (no offense to Mr. George Frederick).
  19. Congratulations Matt! I know it was a well thought out and difficult decison for Matt and his family to make. I look forward to following his career. I understand he may get on the mound as soon as today or tommorow in the Gulf Coast League.
  20. I will be pleasantly surprised if X plays T within 3 TD's. X is X, minus any semblance of a stud running back or menacing offensive line. Trinity is just off the charts good. Not since the 84 team that featured the Gardner brothers, Andy Murray and Mike Pfeiffer have they had this much talent.
  21. Same with schools in the state that call themselves "County"...and they say, well, we are the only team with "county" in our name in our county.
  22. I believe he was dismissed from Ballard's team at the end of the year. I believe WKU pulled his scholarship. Shame, very talented player.
  23. Congratulations to Matt! This is quite an honor and I'm sure he will make an informed intelligent decision regarding going to WKU or pursuing a career with the Red Sox. If he chooses Red Sox, he may want to ask his father to burn all of his Yankees garb before heading to Boston.
  24. Perhaps equally impressive was his stamina and composure. It was very hot, the start was delayed over 2 hours due to the heat index. Matt overcame a couple errors and a 2rbi base hit in the second inning to shut down Trinity in innings 3 thru 6. As if pitching wasn't enough, he then hit a 3 run bomb to give the Tigers the 4-2 lead. Gutsy performance!
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