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  1. I think he will surprise. He lit it up at UK camps (twice) last year. The second of which was their Blue Light Camp, where he went up against 3 and 4 start DBS/Backers and excelled. Here are a couple of take outs from last year from the Rivals Website. RCS Cincinnati: Top offensive performers Woody Womack Rivals.com Football Recruiting April 20-2013 Overall top Performer #11. WR Charles Walker, Louisville (Ky.) St. Xavier Walker looks like he's built to be a slot receiver at the next level but he also has the quickness to get open down the field. His advantage against defenders is clearly his ability to read and adjust to the ball in the air, combined with a very consistent pair of hands. Rivals Camp Series: Top wide receivers May 8, 2013 Rated # 25 Overall Wide Receiver. WR Charles Walker, Louisville (Kent.) St. Xavier Walker turned in a consistent day at the RCS Cincinnati stop, showing good hands and excellent route-running ability. He looks built to play in the slot at the next level and will likely thrive in a spread offense. He's getting looks from in-state schools Kentucky and Louisville, but neither has pulled the trigger on an offer as of yet. To me, he looks the part at 5' 11" 195-200. Perfect size to take on the Mikes and such. Needs to learn to learn how to play the position, but obviously has excelled when tested and I would think a tremendous upside prospect, especially since a walk on
  2. Pretty much. During punt protection and about 2 seconds after ball was in air...kid kept coming and rammed his helmet into thigh were there was no pad. No guess as to why
  3. Poor kid could not catch a break this year. Deep thigh bruise on a weird play against Central, was never 100% thereafter. Got better and against Cincy X was getting after it, when he was tackled awkwardly and strained his MCL in left knee. Nothing permanent luckily. Just one thing after another and was not full strength after 5th game. He could have played if needed against Fern Creek, but game was never in doubt, so why risk him. Male game he was ready and about as healthy as he had been in the past 6 games (maybe 85-90%) but the play calling was just atrocious. More or less bound and determined to NOT PLAY MIKIE BALL AT ALL COSTS
  4. Yes. To his defense, I think he was basically shaking coach Wolfe's hand when 3 mikes were thrust into his face. Maybe a knee jerk reaction, I heard he called each of them later that evening and offered up comments. No one took him up on it
  5. I think all the Seniors would like to have this year back with good old Mike at the helm. I truly believe they would still be playing at a minimum. No telling what else.
  6. 10-4 That was of the KSHAA SITE. Chances are, not totally accurate. Also, nothing noted for all purposes yardage and I understand he returned punts and kicks on occasion.
  7. CHARLES WALKER-Final career results below. Shame he was dinged up for much of this year and missed 3 games- played sparingly in some blowouts. Best game I saw was putting 248 yards up on Moeller this year in 30 attempts in the driving rain with 10 in the box. 39 career TDs is pretty solid. He was MIA against MALE for the most part for reasons unknown. Rushes: 415 Yards: 2710 Rush TD: 33 Yd. Per: 6.53 Catches: 58 Yards: 563 Catch TD: 6 Yd. Per: 9.71
  8. Quite possibly.... no let me rephrase this.......WAS-the oddest offensive play calling scheme ever witnessed. I suppose St. X got too far behind to go with an specific game plan, but heaven only knows what or why the coaches came out with anything other than a grind it our physical game. Defensively, no known adjustments witnessed after half time. They should be ashamed.... this was the best bunch of athletes that St. X has put out in a long, long time. Undercoached and outplayed in half their games this year.
  9. And........BOOM.......goes the dynamite .."...............::madman:
  10. So, basically...they are the better team ? What a shame. ......let me say it one more time.....tigers by 21. Thanks !
  11. Agree. A couple of big plays were the difference makers. Ironically, walker was hurt against Male last year and only played sparingly against them in last years playoff game. You can watch him on film but in real game speed it is totally different. It will be interesting to see where they line him up and how Male counters He and Davis together for the first time healthy is going to make tons of difference. The bruise brothers If X is smart they run it, run it and run it. Keep it ou of the Male offense hands
  12. Really. I'll take the Tigers by at least 2 touchdowns. My understanding is that Male is already looking towards the next game.......big mistake. Tigers will be fully loaded and ready to go
  13. As we all know, playing a tough, tough schedule just readies you for the playoffs. Doing comparative scores and all is fun, but lets face the facts. Male, Trinity, St. X and Manual, just by having the luxury of playing against themselves, much less the rest of their schedule, all have an upper hand on anyone that is running around scoring 70 on The Camels, or the Rockets, or some of those 6A schools out in the State. I saw Simon Kenton play scrimmage St. Xavier and I was impressed with their athletes and with their quarterback. X did not struggle against them at all. Just making a point that 6-A super district has the upper hand, just not sure whom is going to win it-MALE with all their athletes, or someone else that rises out of the ashes.
  14. Good Stuff Avid: Prognosticators seem to brush over the fact that the Tigers leading rusher (and becoming a real pass threat from the slot) was missing from the two losses you indicate in your column. The play calling has become better, and now that the team is healthy, the Tigers are the ones to beat. I don't think MALE has seen Walker healthy in two years. I for one, hope they get past Fern Creek easily so that they can.
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