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  1. People arent used to Campbell County being very good so that says why there is already 30 posts on this topic. Lets see how good they are at the end of the season.
  2. Tyler Sexton's little brother Ryan really impressed me tonight with his defense at 3rd and his clutch movement of the runners in the 7th inning. A VERY smart player.
  3. Cottingham hit a missle down the 3rd base line that caused havoc for the Dixie defense and scored 3 runs. It definately was the difference in the ball game.
  4. SK will have 4 very soild pitchers this year: Waibel, Berger, Newberry, and Mullen. Also a very sound defence behind these exellent pitchers.
  5. Nobody is talking about Dixie and I think they like it that way. Last year all the talk was about Dixie and look what ended up happening. Well since everybody on here isnt talking about them I'll say something about them. Believe it or not they will be very good still. They have senior leadership out of Popham, Sexton, Dematteo, Abeling and Barnhorst. They have a very, very good group of juniors coming up who finished the JV season last year with an impressive 20-5 record. Sexton will lead the hitting and be at the top of the pitching staff while Dematteo and Abeling are locking up the middle. And Popham like always will be securing the leadoff spot and be solid behind the plate. The Juniors that I think will have a huge impact on Dixies season are Corey Garrett and Clayton McKinney. They are both outfielders who can hit with anyone at the varsity level. They are both also very sound pitchers. Dixie will surprise alot of people this season and will have just as good as a chance to win the region as anyone this season.
  6. Lets just hope they dont play Holy Cross in the first round of districts again.
  7. From what I have heard the players are: Dylan Cottingham Zach Larimore Tyler Sexton Brent Truitt Dylan Embs Ian Hehman They all went on a road trip basically through Tennessee and Kentucky hitting colleges such as Columbia State, Martin Methodist, Lambuth University and Mid Continent University. Mid Continent University offered all these players scholarships including 3 of the 6 getting basically full rides. Im sure a few more will recieve offers from the other colleges but from what I am told MCU was the only one to offer as of yet.
  8. Get out of here. Your user name proves why you are homering Hatton and why your so much set on Smith winning the POY. If you honestly think that then you might be the only one of BP that really believes it. Smith is a very good player but Hatton is in another category. Hatton has been on almost every game this season. So since Smith in your words "shut down" Hatton, every game someone holds Smith under 20pts we can say he is the best player in NKY and leading candidate for POY? I just dont see how this is an argument. Smith is a good player and the best on Scotts team, but Hatton is a VERY GOOD player and is the best shooting guard and possibly player in NKY.
  9. Sexton has told me himself that he has had both catchers catch him and Bertke is the best catcher to catch him. Popham and Cottingham are good but Bertke is better in his eyes.
  10. Popham in my opinion is the hardest working and best catcher in the 9th. Lankeit feom Cov Cath is he 2nd best cathcer with bertke being a close 3rd.
  11. I completely agree with you Marley, Bertke is obviously the number 1 catcher at Beechwood. He should be catching josh on senior night, not cottingham.
  12. Well i hope Cottinghams pop times have improved because Jake Bertke's has improved dramatically. It will be a battle for the starting position this year for the Tigers. Bertke could be possibly the catcher in NKY this year.
  13. And apparently Larimores arm is okay because he was helping Teegarden towards the concession stand. Should be a good year for NKY baseball.
  14. Yea I saw all 3 of them tonight at the Beechwood vs. Mayfield game and Teegarden was walking with a limp towards the concession stand.
  15. 1a. Tyler Sexton- Because he and Hempel will be battling out with the bats all year. I picked Sexton first because not only is he a great hitter but quite possibly the best pitcher in the 9th. 1b. Connor Hempel- Because he is an outstanding hitter but his only downfall is he doesnt pitch anymore. But with his bat around .500 it could be enough for him to win POY. 2. Doug Teegarden- Cant leave out the District MVP and Region MVP. 3. Leiff Clarkson- Doesnt get much recognition but is by far the best shortstop in NKY. If his bat heats up even a little bit he will be a candidate. 4. Jackson Laumann- Ton of upside with a ton of pop in his bat. A solid pitcher also. 5. Dylan Cottingham- I would say the best cather in NKY this year. Also he has worked on his bat this summer and has improved a lot.
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