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  1. He was named Greater Cincinnati Athlete of the Year. A tremendous football and baseball talent. It is my understanding that he went to MSU because he had an opportunity to play both sports if he chose to. His main focus was on football. I'm also hearing that he was the only freshman who MSU wasn't going to red shirt. He was lining up as the 3rd wideout. It was explained to me that the situation wasn't the right fit and the program wasn't what he had envisioned. UK had recruited him to play defense and the young man made the decision to transfer. Cudos to the kid for having the talent and wherewithal to get out of a bad relationship. I hope he has great success at UK and wish the best for him!
  2. No, the jags won in triple OT a couple of years ago.
  3. Final from Boone. The Lady Rebels lost their 4th in a row in a very lack luster performance. Cooper played hard and ran a precision offense and created shots at will. They also rebounded very well. Boone continues to puzzle me. They have players who give good effort but there's very little resemblance to any set offense. They look as if they are playing pick up games on a school play ground. The coaches look like deer staring at headlights. They were down two at the half and once again fell apart after coming out of the locker room. Whatever halftime adjustments the coaches insert never work. I can't understand the defense strategy as well. They never press and went they go to a zone some of the girls can't transition from man to man. It may be a long season from here on out unless they find some true rhythm.
  4. Great job as always LB13! Thanks for giving my girl some ink!
  5. Ryle led a balance scoring attack and proved to be too much with their size on the boards and on the blocks. There was never any doubt to the outcome of this game as Ryle played with an intensity that Boone was never able to match. Ryle ran a fluent motion offence with a lot of back door cuts and Boone was never able to stop them. On defense, Ryle face guarded Foster all night and effectively reduced her touches. Coach Haitz showed a lot of class by pulling starters and not pressing in the third quarter. They could've easily won by 50! In three straight games, Boone has shown that they can't adjust to what other teams run against them. They have actually come out the second halves and have played worse leading to wonder about the halftime adjustment strategy of the coaches. Of all the teams Boone has played, Holmes has been the most athletic and Ryle is the most complete. They have the chance to be something special.
  6. Yes, they did a good job taking care of the ball the second half. They also brought more intensity than Boone did. They did a very good job making free throws as well.
  7. Walton Verona did a good job executing their offense and worked hard on defense limiting Foster and Saner's touches. Boone was very undisciplined with the ball, turning it over frequently and let the Bearcats live on the foul line with many senseless fouls. If Foster doesn't handle the ball, Boone looks as if they're auditioning for a "street ball" video. Hats off to WV for a good win!
  8. This was a very ugly game. It was tied at 19 at the half. Conner couldn't hit from outside and Boone must have missed 12 lay ups. Conner did press and trap throughout the game but their best defensive effort was denying Saner and Foster from shooting 3's. Saner went scoreless on the night (averaging 16 per game). Conner did a great job on the boards as well. Boone had to resort to fouling the last two minutes of the game because Conner was just holding the ball which is why Gambrel went to the line so much. Boone played man defense most of the game, they did go to a zone briefly but got caught sleeping on the blocks a couple of possessions so they went back to man. Between the missed lay ups and a huge amount of turnovers, Boone took themselves out of the game. Hats off to Conner, they played with more intensity and looked more prepared which is why they won. I'm sure it was very satisfying for Coach Stamm seeing it was a District game and because Coach Roller left his staff to become the assistant at Boone.
  9. Championship game final from Beechwood. Boone jumped out to a 23-5 lead, Beechwood fought back valiantly and cut the lead to four points. Boone made clutch free throws done the stretch to secure the victory. Sydney Foster was the tourney MVP scoring 23 in the championship game and 39 in the two tournament games.
  10. Boone has never "self proclaimed" anything, they're clearly in rebuilding mode, yet, they beat Holy Cross. It's clear your skewed in your assessment, time will show that HC doesn't belong that high in the polls.
  11. Holmes is very athletic and really got after it on defense. Boone had 24 turnovers in the first half and had to be approaching 40 for the game, resulting in many of the Bulldogs points. They are going to be tough to contend with!
  12. She had several schools approach her about playing both, but in the end basketball is her first love so that's what she'll focus on. It would be a daunting task to play both in college.
  13. Sydney Foster of Boone County has committed to play basketball at Malone University, a D-2 school in Canton Ohio. Congrats Syd!
  14. She is a nice addition to Boone but isn't their best player. Sydney Foster who was on the All Regional Tournament Team last year leads the Lady Rebels. She flies under the radar because of all the attention that Switzer and Ford received (deservedly so) last year. Boone will be better than most are giving them credit for.
  15. Conner has a lot of very good young talent. They play hard and never give up. They will surprise anyone who overlooks them.
  16. Cooper always plays hard and can beat anyone when they make shots.
  17. Don't overlook Sydney Foster from Boone (9th Region All Tournament Team). She looked very impressive over the summer in several camps.
  18. With the loss of five seniors (four starters) and a Legendary Head Coach, obviously it's going to be a year of transition. The pipeline wasn't left empty though and the Lady Rebels will compete and surprise some teams. The Robertson County girl is a nice addition and Sydney Foster (the returning starter) proved last year that she can play with anyone. The Anderson girl plays as hard as any girl in the region. Hensley and Travis are the other two seniors and they bring great effort to the team. The girls seem to really like the new coach and will play hard for her. The Lady Rebels play in a very tough District and will have to bring great effort in every game but don't be shocked to see them cutting down the nets come tournament time.
  19. That's easier said than done when the Legend's name your replacing is on the court! With that said, Nell has worked hard to make the transition as easy as possible for the new coach.
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