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  1. Putnam stadium is an awesome stadium and atmosphere for a big game. Took in the Ironton game this year and it was electric.
  2. A FG is a scrimmage kick. Just like a punt, it is live until it breaks the plane of the goal line. Only the defense can advance a scrimmage kick that is beyond the line of scrimmage.
  3. 71-69 Highlands over Warren Central. Highlands was twice with the ball with the chance to run clock Warren Central and could never punch it in. Second half, Warren Central comes storming back. Not for sure, game lasted close to 3.5 hrs, and is in the record books as one of the top offensive performances combined in the state!
  4. Wonder if there is any chance he winds up an Indian?
  5. Northern Kentucky Sports - Northern Kentucky Webcasts, Broadcasts Link for game.
  6. Is it time for a change at Newcath! The talent has been there from Brannen and Dawn and could not get it done. Does not get any easier from here!
  7. Deron Feldhouse was worth the price of admission himself! Wow!
  8. This is same infraction that was misapplied in the Oklahoma game that has suspended the playoffs.
  9. Thanks for the update! Classy coach with classy players!
  10. Sounds like your idler pulley is bad. This is what your belt wraps around that spins the drum. Idler pulley is less prolly less then $20. Not real hard to change. the time consuming part is getting at it. May get lucky and have to only take out a few screws.
  11. The article is about Highlands, but all schools and administrations in NKY have helped this young man out in some capacity!
  12. Glad to see schools helping out a local official who had a life changing event that day. Chris was and hopefully will be again in the near future, a fixture in NKY sports again!
  13. Highlands football team doing chores in Fort Thomas
  14. Just think about Dennis Johnson from Harrodsburg being at the starter level in 2nd grade and seeing varsity time and then starting varsity the next year as he would have been a peewee in the 3rd grade. Crazy.
  15. Doesn't this carry over to next sport which would be basketball or is that just for seniors?
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