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  1. Congrats from the class of "1955". Good luck for the rest of the tourney.
  2. That photo is just classic! Boys, I just had to reply. LOL
  3. No, Ava will not be playing for a while. She had surgery today.
  4. My grandaughter, who is a junior, tore her ACL this season and is on her way to recovery. She also has lettered in soccer and in track. Her track team has won three state championships in Ky. So this indicates that if it is going to happen, it will happen.
  5. Thanks for the wonderful pics. It shows the ladybirds hard at work and having fun.
  6. Great come-from-behind victory. You go girls or I should say Lady Bluebirds. You were in it to win it. Keep up the good teamwork.
  7. Good luck to the St. Henry ladies' soccer team. :ylsuper: When I watched them at the regional finals, defeat my grandaughter and her team from Highlands, I commented that they would very likely be in the state championship game. I know you can do it, you are in it to win it.:ylsuper:
  8. I had one of those delicious bugers during the varsity game and i thought it was pretty darn good.
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