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  1. The same type of people that yell at officials also yell at the athletes and coaches. Additionally I was referring that high school officials need to be paid more money. I have coached multiple sports at every level and I have never received at technical foul or personal foul flag or anything of that nature as a coach. I have also officiated various sports. As far as a higher standard is concerned knowing the rules should be a requirement and I am not referring to judgement calls, specifically procedural penalties within high school football.. I know for a fact that the answers to the officials test are passed around. Higher pay would attract and retain more officials. Your know if all soapbox response with all caps, leads me to believe you have yelled at an official or two. Do you have any solutions? or ideas?
  2. Pay officials a considerable amount more than the current rates and hold them to a higher standard.
  3. This game is not a regional championship game. This is the 3A District 7 Championship. There isn't a 16 Region in football.
  4. Martin wasn't worried about their RPI last season when they refused to play West Carter.
  5. Great game. The kids from East and West played hard. The rivalry still exist for the adults in Grayson. West Carter was denied a locker room and they turned the stadium lights out of WC players and families as they were taking pictures after the game. But its hard on them, the barrel stayed in Grayson often 20-30 years ago.
  6. Over the past ten years West Carter had beat East Carter 7 out of 10 by an average of 28 points per game. The three wins for East Carter were decided by an average of 3.6 points per game. West Carter has 13 seniors on the roster this year which is not typical for the Comets, they have played and won a lot of games. I'll take the Comet seniors in this Battle for the Barrell.
  7. Nice win for the Comets after Fleming County dodging them the past couple years. No hold backs, limited kids and practices West Carter with a resilient win!
  8. Hopefully we will get to play the season opener against Rowan County. East Carter softball was allowed to play in Allstar Game last night, even after ALL extra circular activities were to be canceled in the district. But the powers on the East end of the county are actively trying to sabotage the West Carter Football program, so who knows?
  9. Carter County School District has not taken the vote to allow or not allow the supplemental year and will not do so till May 17th. This is very unfortunate for the kids who are in the CTE/Vocational Programs in the district, they have simply not had the same amount of hours/instruction/practice for these trade career fields that they would have got in a normal year. Many kids in these programs have progressed themselves out of poverty via these high paying trade jobs. Word on the street is that the Board members on the West end of the county are for granting the supplemental year and the Board members on the East end are not. It’s likely to get very interesting in the month to come because I am afraid that decisions by the Administration and BOE are being based sports. West Carter would have major advantage over East Carter if the athletes at West utilized the supplemental year.
  10. I think on a dry field West Carter would of had 600 yards of offense. Walton Verona got whipped up front. WV only had 40 yards rushing. I love it that Beachwood has to come to Olive Hill! It will not be comfortable for them. They have a very good team and a dynamic QB. I expect a very good game.
  11. Rowan and Fleming refused to play West Carter this season and the last. Lewis will end a long time series next cycle. They aren’t familiar with anyone in their new district. Scheduling Russell and Boyle is anything other than comfortable for West.
  12. West Carter scheduled Boyle County and Russell this year and continues to play Russell by choice.
  13. He had 12 catches for 94 yards receiving against Beachwood.
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