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  1. Cards avenge the All "A" loss to the Tigers and move to 1-0 in 57th district play. 57th Standings Johnson Central 2-0 Martin County 1-0 Magoffin County 0-1 Paintsville 0-2
  2. Final from Inez as the cards move to 1-2 on the season.
  3. The cards got in a hole early and just couldn't get out of it shooting 9/24 for the game. They will struggle early on trying to find their identity without Trey in the paint, they are still a super athletic team and should finish in the top 5 of the region.
  4. Game was originally scheduled to be at Martin County but was switched after Rowan said they couldn't travel out of the region. Martin County is the defending 15th region champion but will be with a shuffling lineup after the loss of TJ graduating early and heading to Iona. The load of the offense will now fall on Brady Dingess as the Cards start their season this Monday.
  5. Both of the big men are out for the season at Iona so it's something he couldn't pass up.
  6. I would love to see big Phil come back for a 7th year.
  7. Big news from Martin County that will shake up the 15th region this season.
  8. Just to give an update for Martin County, all of our home games will be on https://team1prep.com/ky/ this season. We will be allowing each player home and away 4 tickets and that will be all that is permitted in the gym.
  9. The Raiders out here taking my life as a Browns fan.
  10. They seem to have games every week, but I know at our school we have a class that does our games and we passed a policy that if an outside agency wants to come in and broadcast they have a fee they have to pay that is split between the team and journalism class.
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