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  1. Nope, jus like the others. For the love of it! Actually she was a dancer on GCHS dance team herself (I believe). That must be b/c love not for a paycheck IMO.
  2. :confused: You're kidding me right? They ONLY played 1 more game (7 days) than 5 other schools in the 16th region alone!
  3. :thumb: Where did the starting five from Russell's Regional winner team attend middle school? I mean did they come from the youth leagues in Russell? This is why people didn't have much faith in the previous regime. They didn't know how to develop talent IMO.
  4. OK, I will wait for another thread on this to start but, didn't he (Russell) miss an extra point last week against Lawrence county? How is that ruled? The holder didn't get the ball down and Dolly didn't get the try off. Does this mean that he didnt miss that one b/c he didn't actually kick it? I am so confused! somebody start that thread.
  5. Wow Painter, that is what you call a GOOD memory! Kudos to you
  6. State Lines!!! Don't most kentucky schools warrant tuition requirements from out of state students due to the reciprical agreement not funding an out of state student? Kentucky has never funded an out of state resident with Kentucky taxes (against the law).
  7. Thanks Razor, that sounds about right. I was thinking that Ashland has only lost maybe two or three times in the last decade to Boyd county. That sounds about right because I think Ashland won 12 or 13 years in a row, because when Boyd finally won didn't they tear down the goal post because that graduating class had never beaten Ashland while they were attending school that is why it was so significant if I remember correctly.
  8. The thread should be more like, How many people think Lewis will win? I think 2 people on here accidently clicked the wrong button and can't take back the submission. Or there are 2 people from Lewis who have the "faith of a giant" and God bless them!
  9. Spin, How many games do you think this has been issue now? Even when they win, they don't tackle well. (i.e. Boyd Co win). May I remind everyone that this Russell team still likes to hit if given a chance, they just don't want to "wrap up" and tackle their opponent.
  10. I still need to know the past 2 decades of head to head competition between these two teams. Please, someone with knowledge of this please update this post.
  11. Happy, I agree totally (from the games I have seen of them).
  12. Nobody is counting them out, it's just as RP has said, "maybe the are playing to their abilities" and as ol'dad stated, "it's not hard to stop off tackle when you have 8,9, or 10 in the box". My point is that they are not as good as they (Russell) think they are and they are getting more "exposed" on a weekly basis, due to the competition. Lawrence showed that Russell does not have any defensive pressure and the secondary is very suspect. The coaches (russell) was seen to be frustrated with the lack of focus and execution by the players. :confused:
  13. It's not the scheduling that is hurting the Red Devils, it is the lack of execution of the fundamentals! Same coaches, same game plans, same coaching styles (which has won a state championship and runner-up); it's the players are not executing as well and playing to "Russell standards!":fire: I know the players in the past were much better athletes, but this years team is not performing to their abilities.
  14. The attendance may be down, I agree, but I think the atmosphere will be even better! The stadium will be fuller and it will feel more like a big game than an empty college stadium. If the Louisville or N.Kentucky teams don't go and support their teams, then the smaller venue shouldn't be a problem anymore. Lastly, Has anyone ever heard of Pep buses or Charter buses to the game? They make great memories and are convienent to fans. Plus, don't we gain an hour when you drive into the Central Time Zone? so a 5 hour trip you would only have to leave 4 hrs before game time to make it still?
  15. After this week 0-5 Lewis county, Russell will only win one more game the remainder of the year! That may only be a first round home playoff win. Russell is struggling majorly for "Russell Standards", and they need some major improvements in many, many areas before the playoffs. They still can not tackle! They can hit hard but they do not wrap up their arms. There is no pressure by the d-line, and the secondary is confused. They are not executing Coach Morris' game plans. QB play is spotty, he seems to be slingin it to an area with a prayer and hope instead of delivering passes as he was earlier this year. It could be because he has been getting drilled by D's the last 3 weeks (poor line protection). Finally, the on field observed "enthusiasm" is low and I don't see many (if any) senior leaders stepping up. I think Abrams and Rice are the Devils only hope and they will determine Russell's fate(s) week after week.
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