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  1. Hazard's 1993-94 team was 8 seconds from beating M.C. Napier in the regional final, of course they ended up losing!! If they had held on Hazard would have went to the Sweet 16 with a record 9-19!! Winning 3 of those games in the district and regional tournaments!!
  2. Really hate to hear this!! Hope everything is OK!!
  3. This will be a great game, wish I could make the trip to Georgetown!! Will it be televised on any of the area stations or on the internet?
  4. Cordia 65 JBS 61 Final Anyone go the game? Wondered what happened? What is up with JBS? I am sure they will bounce back at the right time, but seem to be struggling right now! Anyone from JBS care to comment?
  5. Wondered what everyone thought? Hazard only won by one point in the 14th Region All "A" tournament. Will this game be as close as the last? I think it will be another good game, with the Dawgs winning by more than a point. Hazard 68 Lee Co. 61
  6. Great game by Hazard, hope they continue to play well down the stretch!! Is Powell Co. young this year, I was wondering how many players were seniors, juniors, sophmores, and freshman? Anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Hazard 74 Powell Co. 60 Good luck Hazard!!
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