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  1. Bama should win this one with ease. UK's lack of offense will finally be exploited this week.
  2. They're both over rated as usual but I'd say the Buckeyes pick up another win in the watered down Big 10.
  3. The INT occurred before the contact with the Pass Interference which is the same as tipping the ball which negates the call. The call on the kickoff return was a block in the back and it was a spot foul which the ref apparently said he couldn't throw the flag far enough so they did mark it off from the "spot". The officiating wasn't perfect but it didn't decide the game. If you wanted to see officiating change the course of a game you should have watched the Somerset/Taylor Game last week. That was the worst and most unprofessional officiating crew I have ever seen in my life.
  4. Zach Lovins isnt on the roster anymore...
  5. UK fans have always been like that since I've been alive. The most negative fans in the nation.
  6. I think it is a career award. You have to be a senior to win it. The Hiesman Trophy is a season award in college because anybody can win it (fresh, soph, jr or Sr). I know some past Mr. Football winners have had their best year as a JR. and won it as a senoir when their numbers were down.
  7. This was the same play that Corbin had 12 men on the field and it didn't get called. Not only should it have been called back but it also should have remained Somerset ball. The refs blew calls all night and not just for one side or the other. This was a poorly officiated game all around.
  8. Here are some official stats for you guys. Sorry, I don't have the Corbin Names just the numbers but for those of you that keep up with Corbin you should know the numbers anyway. Team Stats Somerset | Corbin Rushing: 25 - 73yds - 3 TD's | 54 - 417yds - 5 TD's Passing: 12 for 23 with 3 INTs and 4 TD's | 11 for 16 with 1 INT and 3 TD's Total Offense: 429 yds | 602 yds _________________________________________________________________________ Individual Stats Somerset | Corbin Receiving J. Cole - 5 rec for 116yds, 1 TD | No. 42 - 5 rec 64 yds, 2TD's J. Coomer - 3 rec for 194yds, 2 TD's | No. 20 - 3 rec 45 yds K. Hughes - 3 rec for 37yds, 1 TD | No. 2 - 2 rec 61 yds 1 TD Rushing K. Hughes - 19 - 85 yds | No. 8 - 33 - 265yds, 3TD's ................................ | No. 34 - 9 -85yds ................................ | No. 42 - 5 - 54yds, 1TD ................................ | No. 3 - 6 - -8yds, 1TD Was a heck of a ballgame for a fan to watch. Too bad the Defensive Coordinators can't say the same.
  9. He is about 500 yards away and is currently averaging around 140 yards a game so if he continues to play well he should get that record as well.
  10. Whatever he finishes with in his career will be submitted to the state after the season. And yes he did tie the career reception TD record tonight with 59.
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