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  1. You know I don't know what coach's vision was for this team, was but taking in the tryouts which I did for two days the guards that were chosen were clearly out played both days. Now I am a true fan of a few of them like the Faulkner twins but lets be real here Eric Mosley at 26.4 on the season, and Dayvon Sloan at 24.9 out played the both of them by far now picture that.
  2. I disagree politics is a part of this when you look at the players selected you got a name game going on here. And let's be clear on one thing names don't win games.
  3. Undersized is a understatement it is loaded with gaurds. They must be planning on running the ball a lot, well they better plan on hitting better than 50 percent from the field. Becsuse they don't have know inside game going with this team. Good luck anyway to the boys that made it because when you see the talented size they have on that Indiana sqaud their going to need it.
  4. I heard that Leonard Macon has been added to the try out list. Seems like some one has come to there right frame of mind, this kid is a man child in the paint hands down. Truly one of the best players in the state in the post by far.
  5. Bardstown will win this game. They control the game most of the time, take a note from Taylor County and put a glove on Fudge they will win. Taylor held him to 2 point and 3 assist.
  6. Taylor County played a great game in snaping that home win streak. It is now home 30 something and 2. Taylor County 20th district Champion. Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  7. Taylor County is playing great basketball right now they closed the season riding a 8 game win streak. Chase Cox and Leonard Macon are both averaging around 20pts a game. Should be a good one Taylor County by 10.
  8. I disagree. It was a good win for TC at home against a good CC team which trail by 1 at the half. TC had leads of 9and 11 before finally pulling out the win. Way to go Cards.
  9. Taylor County will pull this game out Adair has been kind of lucky when it comes to Taylor County and besides Taylor County is the better team. I don't feel Taylor County playing on the road will hurt them much because Adair really is'nt that good. Cox and Macon should have a big game. Taylor County by 7
  10. Leonard Macon and Chase Cox is going to be a load to handle playing at home should be a good one Taylor County by 8
  11. Hey that's fine and dandy but let's stick with the 5th.
  12. I'm going with Chase Cox with 25 ppg 5 assist and Leonard Macon 22 ppg and 9 rebounds per game at Taylor County. Tell me what you think.
  13. Estill is not in the same league as Green County the schedule they played proves that. Green County is a truly a smash mouth football team. Try playing them some time.
  14. After looking at the combine wins and loses of Estill County schedule. Teams they have played lose 63 percent combined of there games. Compared to the wins and loses of Taylor County which is 52 percent. A double digit lose ratio amongst its teams they played this year. Should be a good one.
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