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  1. I agree. Johnson Central will win this one by as much as Matney allows.
  2. Please remember that you sign 2 year contracts. I think SC has done very well seeing they made it to the regional championship last year. I think Hager had guts to schedule teams like Lawrence and Boyd after having a 2-8 season the year before. I expect SC to beef up their schedule quite a bit after this year. Good job boys, keep it rolling.:fight:
  3. I was looking at the week 1 scores, and a few teams every year seem to have made no improvements. So it made me wonder, if you were enrolled in a school that didn't have any success each year would you play 4 years of football there? I think I would play just because I love the game.
  4. Raceland. And I would also say I was suprised the Belfry game was so close.
  5. Boyd Co. did that last year with their season opener, and SC began a slow start and they barely sqeaked past them. I would love to see SC take this one.
  6. I agree with you. There are like 5 lb gaps in the lower classes. then you go up and there are 171, 189, 215. The gaps are too big. Especially in between 189 and 215.
  7. I haven't heard much about Boyd this year. I am going to go ahead and predict that this will be a close game. I think SC will win this one by a touchdown. SC-22 Boyd-14
  8. Congrats SC. I am very suprised that the O line did so well in the season opener, as there is only 2 starters from last year. I can only see this team getting better. Hager is a great coach and should do well with this team this season. Best of luck to you boys.
  9. 4 of Sheldon Clark's 5 offensive linemen made first team.
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