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  1. Valley's players have been on an emotional rollercoaster for the past 4 years as far as coaching goes.4 years -4 new coaches. Alot of thoughts can run through a player's head having to endure something like this,questions like aren't we any good, does anyone really care if we win or lose, doesn't anyone in the community care enough about our program to try and get a coach that wants to build a program????? Now to my point- I believe that the first thing you do is to hire a guy with no ties to the community.....In steps coach Saunders. Now if you want to win and win as fast as you can, the firs
  2. Joshua Damron,Center #71 for the Shelby Valley wildcats will also be playing for the Highland cavaliers this fall. David Shaffer,DE for P-Burg this past fall will also be playing for UVA-Wise.
  3. Congratulations to Josh Damron who signed a national letter of intent to play football for the Cav's on April the 12. Today the signee's got to watch the Highland cavaliers play their anual Red/Gray game which was a very hard hitting game! It was very suprising to me that the roster didn't have a single kid from Kentucky on it.As far as I know, so far this year,Coach Wasum has signed 3 players from KY, DE Dave Shaffer from Prestonsburg, Center Josh Damron from Shelby Valley and Tim Chaplin from Pikeville. Congratulations to these eastern Ky players.
  4. Yes, ''somebody elses money''Valley's football boosters club started the idea and teco was very receptive and generous along with the BOE and private contributors, but to go as far to say SV's ''wanting'' to spend money on football.....nah, I personally don't think so.
  5. Mat was POY from 2AA district 8,And coach Haywood was COY.I appoligize for not posting it earlier.
  6. The following players made the All District teams for Region 8 2A Player of the Year -- Matt Maynard, Belfry Coach of the Year -- Philip Haywood, Belfry 1st Team Belfry--Chad Steel, Richard Harris, Dustin May, Tommy Church, Corey Chapman, Derek McCoy, Bobby Burton Shelby Valley--Joshua Damron, Zach Mullins, Adam L. Ratliff, Adam J. Ratliff, John Johnson, John McPeek Pike Central--Gordan Varney, Chad Blackburn, Quirvon Merchant, Daniel Coleman, Corey Mullins East Ridge--Steven Thacker, David Ratliff, Michael Slone, Brandon Varney Sheldon Clark--Jon Wel
  7. All have been contacted by at least 1 college showing interest,some with several contacts.The nice thing about this group is the fact that all most all these kids will get academic scholarships of some degree,a few getting full rides. This has a way of attracting a few more offers,knowing that all financal aid doesn't have to come from the intitution's athletic fund itself.
  8. John Johnson TE, Josh Damron C, Pudge Ratliff OT, Mouse Ratliff OG, John McPeek TB, Zack Mullins FB, were named to the 1st Team ALL DISTRICT in region 8 from Shelby Valley . Larry May and Tyler Cable made Honorable Mention. Congratulations to these young men and good luck on your future indevors.
  9. Tyler Cable and John Johnson should be by far the strongest players on the Shelby Valley team next season,Tyler was probably, pound for pound,one of the strongest on the team this past year with the only exception being Zack Mullins.
  10. It's the most frustrating thing you can imagin,get this,The head coach was told that he couldn't hold the football banquet at the school unless it was to include all other fall sports....now that's the kind of support that the present administration gives to football.Don't get me wrong, we do have a very good booster's club,not very many members, but still the few that are involved do alot to help the players and coaches,but that's the only support the team gets.I'm so tired of beating a dead horse though,it will never get better until the present administration is gone. This isn't a big secre
  11. The entire problem rests soley on the community's back,the lack of support is a problem which has been there for years,dating back many moons.It all starts with success, or for the lack of better words,failure on the gridiron.This community needs a kid to reach the next level,have a successful career on the college level,and then return to the community and share the wealth ''knowledge''!!In years past most of the better athletes from the Virgie area excelled in basketball,therefore most of the community's interest is in this sport,example-Todd May,his success on the basketball court has made
  12. Leslie Co. will be a hand full for the SC team,they are hands down the best team in this region.We didn't feel going into our game that they were a very fisical team ,but found out very fast that this was far from the truth.They have very good team speed and have a back(#3) that has more moves than exlack.Their QB is a athlete,he lines up 7-9 yds deep in the shotgun and has days to throw,they block the crashing ends very well,as does their large line,they move well to be that big.Their recivers run very good routes,and if they see that #11 is getting heat, will come back to the ball.#11 can t
  13. Everyone would think that Shelby Valley would rather beat Belfry than anyother team,but Prestonsburg is at the top of the list for Valley.It has something to do with what happened 3 years ago in a ''supposedly'' freshman game that was played at P-burg.The 13 freshmen that played in that game are going into their senior season, and they keep reminding each other that this coming fall will be their last chance to repay the debt.
  14. Your right ,but he also chose to donate his senior year solely to the swim team...he recieved a full scholly to FSU , only to have it taken away after a bad moeped wreck that left him with only one arm.....they said he could still swim very fast but that he keep swimming in circles.....
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