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Sheldon Clark @ Leslie Predictions

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Coach Koogler will have Leslie Co. ready to play come Friday night. No disrespect to Breathitt but this was not there year and may not be for a long time. That being said, you can't judge how strong SC is against Breathitt. When SC comes into Hyden they will have the mind set other teams have had all season, (there not as good as people are saying). When they leave they will be saying, (there better than what people are saying). Leslie will have to lay down and quit for SC to beat them. Will they do this? We will find out Friday night. It's Leslie's game to give to SC. All I have to say to the Eagles is: REMEMBER BELL


Leslie 35

SC 12

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If Leslie plays the way they have against M'Boro and Shelby Valley, then there is not a doubt in my mind that they will come away from this game with a victory over Sheldon Clark. The Eagles will be ready come Friday night if they work all hard all this week and don't get ahead of themselves.


Leslie by 2 TD's

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If I were you Belfry fans, I would be hoping Sheldon Clark wins this game to

Why, Belfry isnt cheering for SC cause they are afraid of Leslie. Belfry is cheering for SC because their coach is from Belfry and is a first class guy. Leslie has played one REAL tuff game this year that would have got them the respect they have been wanting and it was Bell. Leslie is a good team I dont doubt it but SC will come out and play them physical and toe to toe I really believe your laible to see an upset. No matter what Leslie fans will leave saying SC will defintley line it up and hit you.

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