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  1. According to everybody all through the year, they didn't have a quarterback this year either.
  2. Just wondering here, but if in fact Nebraska does have that date open, how many games do they have scheduled already? They may already have 12 games on contract.
  3. Yeah, its hard being the only school in the nation who take shots at their across the border and conference rivals! :rolleyes::ohbrother:
  4. IronCat


    I just got in from chasing my heavy duty garbage roller down the street here in Ashland!
  5. Im extremely excited about this game. I wasnt, but the more I read and hear how much Clemson doesnt think that they belong there, and how our 2006 victory was a fluke, Im pumped. I cant wait to invade Nashville and continue our Music City dominance! C A T S Cats Cats Cats sounds awesome and Titan Stadium! Go Big Blue!
  6. Have ourprevious two trips to Nashville benn matchups against the loser of the ACC Championship game?
  7. Its hard to not go after an Urban Meyer product. I just hope, if he does get that job, that he struggles with one team on the schedule year in and year out!
  8. As a Raider fan, and having to sit and watch these pathetic excuses for football teams, I see improvment. The Raiders arent playing half bad football. (Im sure this post wont be appreciated much, as Im sure the large fan bases on this site are probably Cincy and Pitt.) But Im happy to see a little progress. Now if only we can get rid of Al Davis.
  9. All of this after nearly everyone predicted UK to finish last in the SEC with a losing record. Personally I think this year was somewhat successfull, but not without disappointments along the way.
  10. I agree with almost everything you said except for one word. Never is an awfully big word that I never use.
  11. The University of Kentucky football program is coming off the most successfull 4-year stretch in 100... yes 100 years of its existence, and yet some are expecting it to be in contention for BCS bids in what is arguably the toughest conference in the nation..But they say look at what UL did, or TCU,or so on. Yes they had their runs but they didn't play the number of tough games in their conference as UK has. If UK is in one of these other conferences with the teams we've had over the last few years, then it's my opinion that our record would have been better. But we're not in those conferences, and we don't play those teams, and those teams don't play our schedules as well. So we will never know wether the records of the TCU's and the Boise States would be better or worse. I have longed for the days when the UK football program could gain some sort of respectability and not be a pushover. We are not there yet, but I believe we are on the right path. And it will take some time to get there, and I don't believe 4 years is nearly enough time. So for now I guess I am settling for the lower tier bowls and truly hoping that Joker will be the right choice. But no one knows for sure how that will turn out.
  12. You're right !!! I think we need to go back to the 2 and 3 win seasons of a few years ago. It was much better then than it is now.
  13. That's easy to say when your drinkin pop and eatin popcorn from the sidelines.
  14. The reason he didnt have the ball at the end of the 4 quarter was because the kid was gasped. He had to get a break.
  15. All SEC teams split the payout of the bowl season, so effectively there was zero loss financially as a result of last nights game.
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