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  1. The newspaper article stated that Osborne threw the dirt, in "frustration" after being thrown out at homeplate...It LOOKED intentional. Blake Hunt got a face full of dirt...there was a brief incident as players started to enter the field...(and a Ballard reserve was ejected??) In my opinion, another player should have been tossed. What about the kid who slams his helmet on the ground in "frustration" or other similar outbursts? It warranted an ejection. Ballard almost made it work to their advantage. I believe they will win tonight.
  2. Josh Deacon, PRP Outstanding duel-threat QB. Very smart, great leadership ability.
  3. Waggener High School: Matt Walker, Wabash Junior College & Western Kentucky University (pitcher)
  4. Ammons is the better QB. He has the size, the speed, the work ethic, and the character to be a very good QB at Georgetown College. He will be a great fit for their offense.
  5. Coach Foster resigned. He wants to spend more time with his family and continue to pursue administrative opportunities. Coach Foster is a terrific coach, but an even better person. His priorities are where they should be...family first.
  6. NAIA can offer full athletic scholarships. Georgetown is looking for a smart qb with more mobility than the typical pocket passer....like Ammons.
  7. Any details on this game? Final Score, stats, etc. I didn't see anything in the newspaper or on television.
  8. Wow! How would you like to coach a team with that kind of talent in the regular season? Joe Gamsky from South Oldham and Brandon Smith from Waggener are two of the best defensive players I have seen this season. Nick Miles from Bullit East is a terrific kicker. Does anyone have the West roster? Will there be college scouts at this game? This will be a great opportunity for the kids who don't play for some of the higher profile teams in the area to get some exposure. Good luck to the kids and the coaches...it ought to be a great game!
  9. Troy Bland, Senior WR/DB-Waggener High School 6 receptions 106 yards 4 TDs 2 interceptions
  10. Troy Bland, Senior WR-Waggener High School (4 TDs 106 yds vs. Oldham County) He is an outstanding student and athlete.
  11. Daniel McDonald QB #13 Waggener High School 15-21-1-187 4 TDs Oldham County Classic "Offensive Player of The Game" Waggener 32 Oldham County 24
  12. Newarkcatholicfan, I know both young men and their team: Jeffrey House is a 5'10" 165 lb. SR. RB/S. ("The Human Highlight Video") House is an outstanding RB, he fast and very elusive. Jeff has been a starter for Waggener, since his freshman year. Jeff is a special athlete, who had some spectacular runs last season. He is also a good defensive player at safety. He has great football insticts and knows how to play the game. Daniel McDonald is a 6'3" 190 lb. SR. QB. He has a strong arm and he is an accurate passer. He has become much more mobile, as he has matured. McDonald's best attributes, are his toughness, intelligence, and his leadership. **McDonald suffered a season ending injury to his throwing arm, in the first scrimmage of his sophomore year. Last season, he aggravated the injury in practice the week of the South Oldham game. He struggled with the injury early in the season, before putting up some big numbers in the last 7 games leading Waggener to 5 wins, in those 7 games, with a close loss at Central** Colleges have shown interest in House and McDonald. I am confident that they will both find a place to play at the next level. Both House and McDonald had a great summer in 7-7. They will certainly benefit from Coach Willie Foster's spread-offense, which is about 60-40 pass/run. The BIG question, again this season, will be Waggener's O-Line. Their O-Line was young and VERY inexperienced last season. It struggled, but started to show improvement midway through the season. The O-Line players have worked hard in the weight room and have matured. They should be better prepared this season. In Waggener's defense, that 5-6 record, which with some very close losses to North Bullitt, Central, and Providence, could have been an 8-3 or 7-4. Waggener was a team in transition, under first year HC Willie Foster. Some players, especially the Seniors, showed some immaturity and lack of leadership, adjusting to a new HC and system. That shouldn't be the case with this year's Senior class, which is very talented. In addition to House and McDonald they will have: Brandon Smith, a tough 5"10" 180 lb. SR. LB/FB; Trevor Moore, a speedy 5'9" SR. WR/PK; Josh Morris, a talented 6'1" 200 lb. SR LB/RB; and Derrick Ellery, an ALL-District 5'9" 150 lb. SR. DB/KR; and a MUCH improved Aaron Stallard, a 5'11 260 lb SR. OL. With an improved O-Line, and Senior leadership, Waggener should improve on last year's season, and compete for the top spot, of a very tough 3-A district.
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