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  1. Yes, Barry Bonds may have taken steroids. However, pitchers were taking them too. It was a bad time in Major League Baseball. He was one of the greatest players in baseball before all this started and he still is after random drug testing started.
  2. Can't forget about Danville. They are #4 in the state
  3. 1st Round Winners 1 Alabama 1 Arkansas 1 Georgia 1 Tennessee 2nd round Winners 2 Alabama 2 Vandy 2 Florida 2 Tennessee Semi-Final Winners 3 Vandy 3 Florida S.E.C. Tournament Champion 5 Vandy TB-180
  4. I feel bad that Hansbrough has a broken nose, but the was in no way intentional
  5. And thats where bryan came in..he pitched relief for the other three. Central has a lot of good athletes in their school but you wouldn't want all of them coming out for a team. Many are simply head cases. Not saying that any of the names mentioned are head cases but simply making a point. I know all of the kids we are talking about and none of them are head cases for the most part.
  6. The only player you listed that would have helped out is Andrew. Austin and Tyler played during middle school but honestly i don't believe they would have helped Central Much. And Ronnie didn't even play in Middle school so why would he play in High school. Like i said Bryan got plenty of innings, and its very possible to use a three man rotation. especially when you get into the district and regional tournaments
  7. I can not name 6 players who quit because of him...to be honest I only know one. If they played football then maybe that's why they didn't play baseball. Roof also had them play during the summer and maybe they chose football. I know Brian very well, we grew up together, and he did pitch some that year. But you can't tell me that he should have started over Chase Ponder, Michael Blanton, or Wiley. They were three of the best pitchers in the region that year, Brian got plenty of innings but there's no way he should have started over any of those players in the rotation.
  8. He can't dictate who comes out for the team and who doesn't. I agree that there were some good players that didn't play but honestly he plays a full JV schedule. Thats paying attention to juniors and Sophmores. You can't tell me one underclassmen who should have started over a senior on their team that was regional runner up. His job is to win and he put the best team on the field.
  9. I attend Transy and play baseball. The financial aid office really worked with me to get every penny they could so that my college education would be affordable. There are numerous schlorships and grants they can give out, as well as workstudy.
  10. I've played against Madison Central plenty of times to know that Coach Roof is a good coach...They had a group of seniors two years ago who were really talented and lost to the team that won the state title. Madison Central could have easily won it that year as well. If you know about baseball you know that it's hard to lose every starter on the field and only have 1 or 2 pitchers who pitched and actually do well the next year. Not to offend anybody but the group that went 15-17 was just not as talented as the group that went 30-6. But he did do a great job with the group that only won 15 games, honestly I didn't think they would win that many with the schedule they always play. Madison Central will always be the favorite in the 44th district and will compete for the 11th region title. Roof is a great coach and a class act.
  11. I got bored and decided to figure this out. When this lineup starts the game the Reds are 4-1 with 35 runs scored. That comes out to an average of 7 runs per game.
  12. That was way off the plate...strike two to Rich that is
  13. I love how the Reds never quit. That'll pay off in the long run.
  14. And the Reds win for the second night in a row.
  15. Quick strikeout by Mercker so I wont question the decision.
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