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  1. If not mistaken Bracken beat Bishop Brossart last year in a scrimmage but as far as an actual game I'm not sure the last win for the bears. As far as Atherton not sure what they have since Coach Collins left. I think he did a good job with what he had last year but I don't think either program will ever be solid. I wish both teams the best this season. As far as Carroll Co. they should be a solid team and I agree should run away with this one. First two weeks for the Polar Bears are very tough. Carroll County then Fairview but I know both coaches will try and keep it respectable if at all poss
  2. Congratulations to Cory Woods from Mason County for signing with the University of the Cumberlands. Cory was an outstanding player for Mason playing SS and pitching when needed. Great bat too I believe leading the team in BA and HRs the last 2 or 3 yrs. He is a great addition for the Patriots. Best of Luck Cory.
  3. I heard none of the Mason County players will be playing for various reasons; can anyone confirm this?
  4. Thought they moved the field down by the drag strip off of 64. ?? Anyone know for sure?
  5. The young men have been working hard and have not missed a beat. Coach Jones and staff have continued and will continue to work them until they hire a coach. They have gotten a lot stronger and continue to get stronger. Hope they find a coach that will be able to work under the conditions currently there.
  6. Mike Stevens did not stick around. When he was "passed over" he began looking for jobs and did not attend any weight training or spring ball. Not saying he would or would not be a good hire just wanting to state the facts. He is a good young coach and will make a good head coach some day. Is it now? Who knows? No one is knows when it is their time to be a head coach. There is more to it than x's and o's. Best of luck to Coach Stevens if he chooses to pursue it but more importantly best of luck to the kids and the program at Bracken.
  7. Yes he is interested and would do a good job for them
  8. I wish Coach Massie the best in whatever he decides to do. I do believe he was headed in the right direction and with time would have pulled them out of the situation they are currently in. Good job Rick and best of luck to you. Coach Poynter does a good job as well but it would be a shock that he would come in under the current situation; Knowing how the program is being handled right now but it would get him closer to home. If in fact he is taking it, I believe he will do a fine job and will improve the colonels. Best of luck to Coach Poynter as well. Above all, I wish nothing but the b
  9. Johnny Poynter coached at Bourbon County with Dudley Hilton I believe but did not play there. Isn't Coach Poynter from Estill Co? I have heard he would like to get closer to Central KY/home.
  10. I am not 100% sure but I believe the only time you have to post for 30 days if there is a teaching opening connected with the coaching opening. Since Coach Massie will more than likely stay as a teacher, then they can hire a coach and create a position for them. Someone please correct me if I am off track with this. Thanks
  11. GREAT POST!!! I agree 100% I would never second guess a coach but by NO MEANS would I ever second guess Coach Buchanan. He is an excellent Coach and has proven he knows what it takes to turn a program around. In defense, which is truly not needed, that call would be one that 9 out of 10 times would pick up that 3-4 yards. They may have seen a tendency, maybe it was a personnel match-up that looked great, having confidence that your OL can get the push needed, etc etc etc. Again, great post PUP and I'm sure if the Mason County Fans are not pleased with Coach Buchanan there are a large number
  12. No matter how a Dave Buchanan team looks early, he always prepares his teams and finds ways to be competitive when they may be out manned. Also they simply continue to improve every week. I am simply saying do not set the standings just yet. Mason will be fine and with Coach Buchanan and his staff I know will be prepared. Best of luck to both teams and best of luck to Coach Buchanan, his staff and the kids at Mason Co. I know you will be ready for the season.
  13. I believe that Green Ohio scored 1 td on the varsity and 1 on the JV while Bracken came close several times but did not stick it in the endzone.
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