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  1. Congrats to the Lady Panthers and Coach Stamm!! Nice to see the Panthers advancing to the 9th Region Tourney for 2nd year in row!!! Good Luck!!!!
  2. Absolutely!!! Since Morgan left the staff still spent all summer thinking they could run a spread offense instead of make adjustments to their strengths!! Takes them 1 to 2 games in to realize they don't have a QB that can run a spread. Then left running same 5 plays all year that everyone in stands could see coming.
  3. Congrats!!! They played very well and dominated the pitch last night!! Good luck next week in regionals!!
  4. Who ever made the decision to play on Sunday has lost their minds. Then to ask these teams to turn around and play a championship game on Monday is even crazier. Horrible decision by all those involved.
  5. Not the best formula because SK would be no match for East Central this year. I have seen both of East Central's games this year. Now with that said, I will pick SK to beat Oak hills.
  6. Once Juliet Mcgregor from Ryle gets going after some rest from basketball will be TOP in NKY again!!!
  7. Agree that 5K average per game is good, but do believe a smaller venue would be better atmosphere.
  8. I would have to say you not a big fan of Ryle high school!! I would agree football was down last year and basketball has been abismal that past few years, BUT to say the rest of the programs are bad or underacheiving is totally off base. Volleyball has been competitive, softball just went to state and been competitive, boys track has been decent, girls track 7 years and still running region champs, Girls soccer district champs past two years and believe advanced to regionals 9 out of last 10 years, just had wrestling state champion, girls tennis was just at state and region champs, Golf teams have always been competitive, boys soccer has been in mix each year.I would say alot of schools would be happy that have that much talent throughout their school. Every coach is not the right fit, and you do have some down years in sports, but overall I would consider Ryle to be very competitive across the board in sports with alot of talented kids!!!
  9. I agree...,Going to be a very long season for the Raiders!!
  10. Conner is playing some good ball right now, BUT the Lady Raiders will still get the job done winning by 12.
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