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  1. Private transportation has always existed for open enrollment - maybe not a grade school
  2. We've decided not to purchase another Ford - Bought a Taurus brand new and the engine blew at 88K (yes, it was under warranty due to the issue). Just gave a family member a F150 2003 pickup truck with only 139K miles. The family member needed this vehicle more than we did.
  3. Thanks for your update nWo . Just renewed in order to be able to receive your weather updates. Very appreciated
  4. Major holidays to me are Federal Holidays. Valentines Day and Halloween (while fun) don't count. Thanksgiving - just because I'm happy and thankful for what I have. Christmas - grateful. Memorial Day because it's remembering all service men and women who gave it all. July 4th - I thank God I live in America.
  5. Family and friends will be watching the game here . Lots of appetizers (both cold and hot). Ordering a Jersey Mikes sub also.
  6. TBG - do you need to bake something ? Chocolate Trifle is good. So is Death by Chocolate cake. Both are on Pinterest.
  7. I read the article on Facebook. There would be nothing worse as a parent than to see your child spiral out of control. Praying for Zeke. Praying for his family also. His Dad helped coach at Dixie. Zeke, wishing you nothing but the best in 2017. You can do this!
  8. I watch the Today show every morning. I could not believe how they lumped groups together, and they thought HRC had this election wrapped up. People have been upset for a long time. I am happy rural America and other people came out and voted. Do not place anyone in clumps such as uneducated. HRC did not even place her foot in Wisconsin during the whole campaign trail. Big mistake on her part.
  9. Congratulations to the Dixie Colonels football team on the win.
  10. Happened at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia about one year ago. I do not know if they were ever located
  11. Thoughts and prayers for your Grandma and your family. I know this is a hard for you and your family. Always remember your Grandma had to be one tough lady full of love to raise 6 children and send them to a private school. Cherish the memories. God Bless
  12. My spouse and I decided to travel to Chattanooga, TN area for Labor Day weekend. Does anyone have suggestions on restaurants or sightseeing to visit or avoid? Love the drive down 1-75 south through most of the state.
  13. First time we saw each other was at Pleasure Island pool. Second time we met was in Devou Park. Really did not want to date anyone at that time, and here we are getting ready to celebrate 41 years together (2 years dating and 39 years of marriage Labor Day weekend) - I wouldn't trade them for the world
  14. I have relied on your forecast many times - especially during the winter months
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